Crane collapses onto Dallas apartment building killing 1 person

Strong winds from a severe storm moving through the Dallas area caused a crane to topple onto an apartment building, injuring at least 6 people.



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  1. Ok the crane didn't slice right through the building, it dented a small corner of the building. This could have been a lot worse. People say they didn't know the storm was coming, get off Facebook and Instagram and watch the news for a change and you would have know this storm was coming. I live in Dallas and I knew it was coming. It's nice to see the news making this into something like the weather is just out of control, really pushing that climate change native.

  2. I hope the meteorologists gets fired for not warning about the storm. The thing is there was no warning, no phone warning, no nothing. It just hit out of no where. So who else thinks our planet hates us

  3. My backyard has a fallen tree in like a whole tree and the fence is collapsed our skylight even started to leak water during the storm

  4. This storm was absolutely crazy, I was so scared and it was really bad, so many trees destroyed on roads, power out across the whole Dallas DFW, and it was the most craziest thing that has happened in Dallas, cause usually we only get rain and thunder but this was the first in so long 😭😭

    Edit:Even the weather said that it would start raining at 4:00 but next thing you know it at 1:30 wind started to blow really really fast and hard, trees breaking off, roofs of some house tearing apart, it was horrible

  5. This what happens when you ruin a neighborhood with greed and gentrification. Two years ago it was illegal to build anything over two stories in our hood.

  6. I was at work when it happened, its insane because it was calm one minute and then it got dark and suddenly it got extremely windy and it started pouring, by far the worst storm I’ve seen here. Now there’s tons of trees blocking roadways everywhere and power is out in alot of areas.

  7. I live in south Dallas and I was driving around this morning and saw how there were at least 4 or 5 other cranes that stood through the storm so what I think is they didn't build the crane properly so it couldn't withstand the winds. Also yesterday the winds were so extreme they blew me over.

  8. We didn't know the storm was coming!!! I live in North Dallas, I took a nap around 1:30 it was beautiful and sunny not a cloud in sight. I woke up an hour later to the fucking trees bent back and Gale force winds!! Shit was wild

  9. Why did God let the crane collapse, killing one person??? 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

  10. Idiots talking about the crane not being up to code…man I live here in Dallas, Lewisville actually but it's close enough. Them wind speeds yesterday were in excess of 65 mph…trees and shit got knocked down EVERYWHERE. Even a few big rigs got toppled on the interstates. It was as close to a tornado as you can get…so if you weren't HERE, don't talk shit.

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