Depression Warning Signs

ABC News’ Medical Unit Managing Editor Dan Childs points out the symptoms and where to get help.


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  1. Dear depression.

    How long has it been? Five years, maybe even six? I can’t recall anymore, but I do know one thing for sure, and that is that you’re by my side, even though I cannot see you. You will always be here, standing by my side. You are almost like a guardian angel, even though you’re more like Lucifer, who lost his halo. Since you came, I’ve lost so much, all from friends to family. My father wants to disown me, screaming and hitting whilst telling me that I’m acting stupidly, childishly. My mother says that this is just a phase, but is that really true? I hurt the only friend with enough willpower to stay, but even she can’t hold on for much longer now, and when she is gone, I will probably leave with her. To a place where imaginations become reality, a place with absolute tranquility and peace, a place where I can finally meet you, my dear companion.

  2. Pepole should realise do not joke about depression
    It’s a series illness
    You don’t now how it feels (if you don’t suffer )

    Do not joke about it
    It’s series
    If you now someone who suffers depression
    Help them
    Make them feel hope
    Make them…Happy
    (If you can)
    Now I’m not a positive person
    Get help
    Do not say oh it’s okay
    It’s not…
    Reach out to some one
    Sibling brother sister cousin
    Just seek help

  3. I am depressed . I was doing ba since 2013_current but failed many times heart turned away from study now it seems like a burden can anyone help.

  4. Don't call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline for insight. They will (in my experience) not help' they will come to your home and take you away. (They broke down my door and took me to a holding sell for observation) (how very humiliating). It ended costing me out of my pocket thousands of dollars. My opinion: wrong approach.

  5. All you people need is guidance from our Lord and Savior, the flying Spaghetti monster. Not only is He the true and only God, he is delicious as well!

  6. You aren’t paper, don’t cut yourself
    You aren’t a mask, don’t cover your face
    You’re not a book, don’t judge
    You’re not a film, so pls don’t end you life

    ~Nicole~. Love yourself💞

  7. Help me please i think death is the only solution for me now when i told my parents that i'm depressed they said that i need to go hospital nobody understand we need happiness peace love & what we want not doctors..

  8. What is to be dealt with? I mean, what is the source of unhappiness? Depression or the conditions of life? What if someone is depressed because his/her life is truly bad? It means dealing with the depression itself is meaningless. Even if you are to try to "cure" depression, you also have to make the life better. But what if you can't? Then, curing depression is nothing but fooling yourself that the life is good and worth living. It's like hating your look and trying to change the image on the mirror instead of changing your appearance. Sure you can alter the mirror to appear better on it; you can make yourself appear thinner for example. But does it mean you look better? No. If life sucks and makes you unhappy, there's nothing you can do unless it changes. Other then fooling yourself to believe otherwise, of course.

  9. Putting genetics aside, I think Depression often comes from believing the stories we tell ourselves when life gets difficult, lonely or even boring. Scientists have often said, “The easiest person to fool, is the one in the mirror.” If your active imagination is prone to negativity, it can be impossible to outsmart that little voice in your head who has an answer for everything. It’s important to be skeptical because If you’re not careful, believing this little demon can cost friendships, careers, and even your own life.

    Since the mind is often starving for entertainment, it’s also important to remember that negative thoughts are much more interesting than positive ones. There’s a reason why nobody can sell a book/movie without some sort of villain, conspiracy or problem for the characters to overcome. Even self-help books that focus on the power of "Positive Thinking" have an evil villain in them, guess who that is. The point is that if your mind has an ulterior motive for entertainment, you shouldn’t be so quick to trust everything it says.

  10. Yep sad all day and irratated and sit on a seat all day to avoid the outside world because when I go out there people laugh at me and make rude remarks I can't get away from these people who bring me down there everywhere and even my family have no interest in me

  11. ABC be like : "do you have the thoughts that a regular person has? then you are depressed!" Welcome to the world folks, nobody said it was gonna be easy. We are all fucking depressed.

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