Details emerge on the rescue mission to free hostages in Burkina Faso

The hostages were rescued during a raid by 20 French commandos.


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  1. my heart bleeds for these 2 french commandos…what a sacrifice ! …..2 lives for 4 more lives !!
    the ultimate sacrifice !! these heroes…..
    my love for the french army and my immense respect for the commando HUBERT, a thought moved for their family, we will not forget !

  2. When the government says this or that place is off limits to citizens it means that they have Intel that it's dangerous to go there. When you disobey that order shit happens and in this case it cost the lives of two elite soldiers which undoubtedly cost France millions of dollars to train them. My condolences to the family of the two fallen heroes.

  3. Pathtic is all free people have one protection to keep it yet none know wtf it is . Unbaised unopionated facted checked news all Americans supposed to know it what fake fucks change Fucking name flags worms

  4. Soldiers doing their duty and going into harms way to rescue some leftist idiots who think everyone in the world is friendly. Yeah , give me a break. Wasting lives on stupidity and clearly no common sense.

  5. Two very brave selfless men lose their lives freeing rich tourists who've been warned they're visiting a highly dangerous area but still proceed with their plans… Let's just say if they were my soldiers I'd never have sent them on that "rescue" mission

  6. So reckless is a understatement. 28 days in hell? With no cuts, no bruises, and no signs of trauma. You people are straight up lying. An American that don't want to be seen? Sounds like a reckless operation. I bet they weren't even terrorist. Rip to everyone who lost their live's Sounds as if it could have been avoided. Great reporting

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