Double Arm Transplant Recipient Tells Donor's Family 'I'll Never Give Up'

Ex-Marine sergeant, John Peck, says he will make the best of “our new arms” and will “drive on through the pain” to achieve career dreams, holding his girlfriend’s hand.


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  1. Wow I have never seen anything like this before, never seen arm transplants- that's absolutely amazing!
    Seems like a really lovely guy, and I'm pleased he'll get a second chance to fulfill his dreams now he has two working arms.

  2. My cousin lose his arm till to the shoulder and they like to put the arm again and it take 8 hrs the op put after 2 days he died. We make a autopsy put still waiting why he was dead. This happen in Kosovo. I hope somebody can help me and tell me why he can be dying in 2 days?

  3. The fact that most of the top comments are about ridiculous and unnecessarily insulting subjects is seriously disgusting to me. Listening to what this man (this man who lost BOTH of his arms and never gave up on life) is saying and than trying to ridicule his situation because you're an unemphatic asshole just shows us how unworthy you're of oxygen.

  4. There are several successful face transplant surgeries that deal with this very issue. The family of the donors come face to face to meet the person that now has the face of the loved one. I have included one link that the guy looks amazing afterwards.

  5. That’s a little too creepy for me. I think I would’ve stuck it out and wait for a robotic artificial arm and hand like jacks on Mortal Kombat. Poor family I could imagine they wanting to touch there deceased son’s living arm for some Comfort from the tragedy.

  6. what do you mean by wifes tales? I only said thank "god" or if y prefer a different term "force" to describe that which we cant describe that keeps me and you alive today communicating through the invisible internet. And defiently thank the doctors and scientists for doing good instead of doing evil. Which is what life is. Life its good. Thanks for your response and i do live in the real world and i make a daily effort to study the world i live in. I wish you the best.

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