Felicity Huffman expected to plead guilty to fraud and bribery charges

The “Desperate Housewives” actress is expected to admit her role in the college admissions scandal.


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  1. I almost feel like Lori is asking for prison time. Wtf is she thinking not taking a deal!? Does she wanna go in the slammer? Is she over Hollywood? Maybe just wants the break? Jeez. Bye Loriiiii.

  2. What was they thinking specially Felicity what that say to her daughters God help her at least she declared she did it and that is good for the girls.

  3. Mark my words. In our stacked system of uneven justice, Huffman will see her sentence suspended with NO jail time. She will monetize the entire story with a best-selling book, and she will advance her career with a tell-all documentary and dozens of talk show dates. This is the corruption that pervades our impotent justice system. Crime pays for the wealthy in America.

  4. These Hollywood stars make me sick. They preach how we the public are supposed to act and they do this? HARD working parents trying to get their kids into college are having their children bumped for these ultra privileged kids? What’s wrong with America? The gall of these fake people.

  5. If get daughter had "learning disorders" as she claims, SHE SHOULDN'T BE GOING TO COLLEGE! Because of them, how many kids DIDN'T get to go? EXAMPLES SHOULD BE MADE OF THEM – PRISON – WHY SHOULD THEY GET SPECIAL TREATMENT??!!??!!

  6. How much do you think Mr. Trump paid Fordham University to get Donald in there. Do you think Donald could have gotten into that college? With a six grade education! LOL LOLLOLLllOOLLLLLOLO

  7. If any parent had the money wouldn't you do the same to get your child ahead in life lol. Broke ass people are pissed lol. White people dont get a football handed to them at birth lol

  8. Much respect for Huffman for being woman enough for owning her shit… Screw Lori and her entire narcasistic family…..the kid's knew enough that they didn't do the sports, fill out their own college apps or take their tests… So don't even try to say they had no knowledge of it

  9. In a nation that has legalized marijuana, infanticide, homosexual rights to adopt, illegal immigration, welfare abuse, and rarely punishes drug dealers and gang members that can stand on a street corner day and night without a cop to care, how and why is this even a problem!?!? Let these people be as they will no doubt provide jobs and leadership to the mass of idiots that will live for ever at the middle class or below!!

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