Fireworks go up in smoke outside store

Containers outside a fireworks store in Fort Mill, South Carolina, caught fire early Thursday morning, which resulted in a premature show.

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  1. Your where lucky that it dident explode. This happend in The Netherlands back in 2000 in Enschede. A part of the city was destroyed and 15 deads and about 100 people wounded. You can look it up on the internet Enschede Firework disaster.

  2. The store that caught on fire was in ft mill sc. Some people saying that it was arson and others say it was something else. Who knows as long as no one was hurt at least.

  3. “I’m finna go rescue this ho, but I gots to be sure to record it all so I can make a viral video afterwards”. Narcissistic people are a cancer.

  4. Me and my friend almost started a forest fire because our Saturn rocket (lots of little rockets that explode) flipped over and shot into a forest near by

  5. Months later this will probably be in a "top 10 firework (something)" video and people will ask for a link to this video only because they liked the fire.

  6. You're going to do fireworks in your front yard then at least be smart and have a garden hose at the ready with the water turned on. I bet if that was the case he could have saved his and his car before it even got bad.

  7. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha These are the reasons why home use fireworks were outlawed in Australia decades ago. We leave them up to the professionals and enjoy the show. You crazy americans ha ha ha ha

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