First Lady Melania Trump Talks About President Trump’s Tweets

Before leaving, she weighed in on the President’s frequent tweeting.


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  1. The only thing more disgraceful than Donald Trump is his fake wife her fake clothes and our fake Congress have her show up and in a potatoe bag. You can't get any more sleazy reality show trash then what's on our TVs today you wonder why family in America turns off the TV anytime the name Trump is involved disgrace to America God save America it is now the worst country ever

  2. I am the only one on the planet who understands what Melania's African trip is all about. They tell us that she'll be visiting four countries in Africa and in that order: Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt.

    But once she hits Cairo she'll be half an hour away from Jerusalem. I cannot imagine that she comes all the way from the United States and be this close to Israel and not make a clandestine visit to Israel.

    And make no mistake about it: The trip to Israel will be kept secret. It will give the Israeli leadership the perfect opportunity to enjoy this lovely woman when she is all alone and without her husband. This whole trip has one purpose and one purpose only: For Melania to be in Israel. A secret trip to Israel masquerading as a trip to Africa.

    But Melania is playing the part beautifully as she displays great affection for black children.

    But it is her trip to Israel that will give her the greatest joy. The greatest ecstasy. As she reaches multiple orgasms with the Israeli leadership. A leadership that will enjoy every inch of this gorgeous woman. But will they enjoy her as a group or will they enjoy her individually? The phrase "gang rape" has become popular lately in much commentary about our current Supreme Court nominee. But Melania will fully acquiesce to whatever demands are placed on her in Jerusalem. She owes them so much. They made her First Lady. And it is the dream of every woman to become First Lady.

    And so she will give the Israeli leadership whatever they want. Surely conquering Melania's buttocks is just as gratifying as conquering Iraq.

    I cannot believe that Bibi and his comrades will pass up this opportunity. Not when Melania is so close and without her husband. Not when she is so beautiful and so sexy.

    If they do pass up this opportunity and let Melania return to the United States without enjoying this awesome woman to the fullest they will forever regret it. And regret it even more than their regret of not marching all the way to Cairo in June 1967.

    My firm view is that Melania will return home to the United States with her tight rectum fully conquered. Fully sodomized. And completely filled with Zionist spermatozoa.

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