Flight canceled, pilot detained on alcohol-related charge: Source

American Airlines has rebooked passengers at England’s Manchester airport who were bound for Philadelphia.


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  1. some people like a drink or 2 after they work. a lower limit, but still a limit above 0.0 allows them to drink the night before and not lose there job because they had a few drinks the previous night and still can register 0.01 on a blood alcohol test.

  2. Over the limit. ..really! I thought that they should be alcohol and drug free, as they are taking so many lives on their hands…God bless us, all…

  3. 70% of commercial pilots licensed in America have substance abuse issues. Booze and pot don't even register. Pilots joke about how hammered they are on most flights; it's an inside joke.

  4. A lot of people in the comment section don’t understand that alcohol is in many products and does not need to be consumed to get inside the body

  5. if he didn't have the keys in the ignition and he wasnt sitting in the "driver's seat" they gotta let him go🤣 I find my flying is a lot "smoother" when I have had a few

  6. Drinking and Flying?! Wow, I like to see how they pulled him over.. Cop stands on the wing near the cockpit to give the ticket.

  7. Auto pilot does all the work , I personally know 5-10 pilots who take naps during flights , not recommended but auto pilot literally does everything , only think pilot is needed for is pre check and post check

  8. Alcohol content for pilots is .04? I was under presumption that a pilot wasn't allowed to have any alcohol in their system when flying. Now we know.


  10. As a bartender, correct me if I'm wrong, but anyone with a CDL cannot have a single drop of alcohol while they are working, truck drivers, etc. I'm not sure why a pilot has a limit? It should be zero, no tolerance.

  11. Pah, about half of them are under the influence anyway.

    When someone gets caught, you wanna flash your cameras at them as if it were the first time this happens.

  12. Alcohol knocks out inhibitions. Why else wreck an entire career, place his family into poverty, and think he can get away with it? Probably because this is not the first time he’s gotten by. . He just wasn’t caught before.

  13. Typical. Whites don’t care who they affect with drinking and driving. They’re never held accountable in America so they think they can get away with It everywhere.

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