Former White House insider releases explosive book

Cliff Sims, author of “Team of Vipers,” speaks out on “GMA” about his experiences in the Oval Office with the president and the reaction to the book.


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  1. Funny how the Democrats "forgot" THEY are the ones who were the "slave owners" & started the KKK. And now they want to kill unborn babies up to and even to the time of birth. What's next? Old people & the mentally ill & cripples?

  2. Another person "bought off" by the "Deep State"…They always come out with a BOOK…How much did they "pay" you, Cliff?..or what did they "threaten" you with? This is the first President who is doing what he was "elected by the people to do." He isn't following the "establishment."

  3. I have to wonder whether any of these former White House staff members make any money on these books. I think by now every thinking and educated human being in the country knows that the White House is a dysfunctional mess and that the president constantly lies and had the intellectual skills of a third grader.

  4. This is why I’m not a Christian! Christian values have and will always be to control black descendants of slaves in America. White Christians are soulless and don’t give a rats ass about anything but money. Now, I’m done!✅✅✅✅

  5. This is the kind of person you never want to have in Government. Russia will be analyzing every word. Yet another egotist trying to capitalize.

  6. You can always tell who the obvious cons are. They do media appearances on Colbert, MSNBC, CNN, etc. Dead giveaway that this fruitloop had a hidden agenda from the get go. Very boring person, and Im sure that reflects in his book

  7. When this Corrupt President is eventually thrown out of office, Kellyanne Con-Away & Sarah Huckster of Slander will also write a tell-all book claiming that they were the "Anonymous White House Author" of The New York Times op-ed and that they only lied because they were secretly protect our country all along, with generous servings of BS.

  8. Wisdom, No man on earth can write a book of truth, for only a body born UNTO ELIEVE JESUS CHRIST CAN WRITE AND TRANSLATE TRUTH ,

  9. I know this guy. He’s an opportunist. He did this to make money. The same way he used the tornado that hit Enterprise Alabama when he wrote a song with about it. Made money then left his band high and dry. The band was called Skyline Drive. Congratulations Cliff you are the ultimate back stabber. What a disgusting human you are. Hope you’re proud of yourself.

  10. (Viper: a venomous snake) Who would've thought, you don't need to visit the desert to see some SNAKES. They're all in there occupying the White House. This guy could not have picked a more fitted and appropriate name to refer to his former team of toxic morons. It's just crystal clear how dysfunctional this administration is. There's rock bottom, fifty feet of crap, then Trumps administration.

  11. All of you with replies need to open your eyes and ears because you are all in for a rude awakening on the trouble in our country that goes back before Clintonites. Our government and world is corrupt.

  12. CLiff Sims is a coward. Anyone can write a book against our POTUS but for someone who actually worked for him to go against him when they leave, is back stabbing and unprofessional. I hope you don't sell any of your books.

  13. Looks like this guy gets the idea: the White House is cut throat, they are trying to make decisions, and you have a lot of type A ppl who are gonna run you over. Awesome

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