'Full House' actress appears in court in alleged college admissions scam

USC fired its legendary water polo coach and its senior women’s athletic director, both of whom are accused of taking monetary bribes.




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  1. Got to think, regardless what her fellow actors may say, that a lot of people are going to be super pissed if they lose jobs they have had on long running serials she is or was involved in. What's amazing about this is most probaly don't see any significantly wrong with what they did. Sounds like many will have a few IRS problems if they listed any of these bribes as donations to charity. How can these people not do some jail time ?

  2. This goes a lot deeper and further back than just these people. Bribery in the halls of elites is as old as wealth itself. The universities are the ones who have the most exposure, the lawsuits are being drawn up as the story breaks.

  3. Her daughters look like 2 spoiled phonies. The over abundance of wealth and makeup plastered all over their 'fat' faces just further annoys me to giving them any benefit of the doubt as they have smug entitlement looking poises. These people are sickening.

  4. Where is video of her in court being arraigned…they have cameras in jessie smollett's hearing. Just one more example of how the privileged win.

  5. While I’m thrilled to see these ‘holier then thou’ entitled Hollywood people getting publicly caught in this scheme, the fbi raid with guns drawn seems unnecessary and dramatic 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Truth! I think COPS and FBI are going to feel more joyously incline to bust doors down of the 1% than the usual real poor judgement call of those who are widely noted as targets… for real criminals!

  7. These schools need to kick out out the students they already know are involved in this scandal ASAP!
    Then go through every other students application after to see if there are anymore students involved.

  8. “I am so sorry judge I should not have done what I did I am asking the court for mercy”, Judge-“What you did was disgraceful and you seriously undermined the college admissions process by committing wire fraud, bribery and tax fraud. Your plea for mercy is a little too late. You are hereby sentenced to a prison term of 15 years” (Defendants are crying 😢 as the bailiffs are taking them away)

  9. Olivia was. So happy with what she was doing with YouTube and sponsors and worked for what she did have. Lori came in and destroyed everything Olivia worked for.lori should have waited for Olivia to be ready. I couldn't live with myself if I did anything like this to my kid.now your kids are unhappy and destroyed because of you. At least your kids were doing very well and happy. Now destroyed because IT wasn't what YOU WANTED. $500.000 for unhappiness $0 for happiness. It's true money doesn't buy happiness if you're not careful it'll destroy it

  10. This entire situation is absolutely disgusting. It's not like their kids weren't overly privileged to begin with. but what disgusts me the most, is that pedophiles get out on personal recognizance bond or a small bond of 10 to $20,000 and for an admission scandal, people are getting a $1000000 bond! That is outrageous! Our nation has a serious messed up problem with prioritization.

  11. The kids should be expelled!! Of course they knew. Every kid knows their scores, not only that but the ones who posed as athletes? Please.

  12. I'm sure all the young adults knew their parents were paying..expel them my daughter worked her butt off to get into a University..and these people bought them their place so wrong.

  13. I think the fbi with the guns out to arrest that woman was way over the top.
    I wonder if they tried knocking first?
    For the most part these degrees are just pedigrees anyway. What I mean by that is the degree is almost like buying your way into a higher position in society. Kind of like a king or queen in the old days, picking who will be the lord and who will be what ever else.
    Look at the federal government right now picking and choosing who will out preform your kids by giving free schooling to foreigners while your kids get shutout!!!
    Nothing new here!

  14. Lori in my book u are lower then the belly of a snake, or u are the scum all over the world at the bottom of all lakes. U can’t get any lower then that!! Sorry to the pubic if that’s in your future is not going to cut it. You want to know why?? Because deep down your not sorry and in the future you’ll do something different that is just as worse as now. Aren’t u a great example to your 2 daughters?? You taught them to lie, cheat, and have no morals. Because u and your husband are so much the stand up Christians if the world. Nope you will never be!!! Because a Christian would never did what you did? You see we are scared of the raft of the lord. If u were a Christian you’d be scared also pulling the shit u did. A Christian always thinks first will this please the lord.

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