Gary Leroy Johnson, Florida Father Arrested over Fight

A Florida man has been arrested after setting up a fight between his son and another young man… but it went horribly wrong.

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  1. It was just the guys white dad beating up a mouthy punk ,,But if it was a bunch of black hood ape parents attacking one parent because thats the only way they fight ,nobody would say anything.

  2. Should have just played a game of chess physically beating someone proves nothing and now someone is getting medical attention and the other is going to jail. Loose loose. Actually it is a win for the hospital and the prison industry.. So lose, lose, win, win.

  3. Kids don't know when to shut the fuck up… I do agree its a bit overkill tho… Cost him 47 months. Bet the kid will respect his elders a bit more now… This is jmo

  4. if someone had a gun it would be 100% legal to shoot if the old man wouldn't have gotten off him. If I was there I would have shot him.

  5. If i was there I would give that father a beat down but then I would stop.  I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life in jail like he will end up.

  6. some men never grow up. this old fart seems not to realize that he isn't 16 no more and that he is the double size of this kid. may be some prison time teaches the old man to use his brain next time and behave like a responsible adult.

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