General Motors workers hit picket line after new contract talks fail

The company reportedly turned a $8.1 billion profit last year and workers who took concessions before the 2009 government bailout want fair wages and benefits at affordable prices.



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  1. People still buy GM cars? We all know that Japanese and German cars are better and more reliable. Just move the production to Mexico and layoff all these workers.

  2. 90k plus benefits a year and want more? Pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered. Unions are nothing more than legal mafia strong arming industry.

  3. Greedy unions these jobs will be lost soon . Greed , greed, greed !! Democrats and effing in unions . I was under union lmao they are the worst , they make billions while you do all the work and I still took care of 34 residents most days . The unions were a good thing back in company store days but not in 2019. Shit let me make $2000 a week like some of these ppl . No wonder we lost millions of jobs to other countries. Oh and the unions are a democrat thing as Republicans 99 out 100 of us hate unions .

  4. Fuck the UAW. Fuck unions.

    GM needs to to move to Texas, where unions have little or no political power.

    Unions have been too greedy for too long. Union workers are generally lousy employees who are overpaid and ultimately drive the parent companies out of business or out of the country.

    I spent 12 years under the cover of two labor unions myself, and found out the hard way that politics drives the unions rather than mutual profit.

    Union workers are losers who screw things up for everybody through sheer greed.

  5. $45k starting pay for sanitation workers, $75k for no skilled labor? UAW is corrupt and using this to fatten thiwr pockets

  6. um just out of curiosity why dont union workers ever count their pension and healthcare and vacation time as part of their pay? when you retire for 25 to 30 years getting the pay you did when you retired youd think that might factor into your "wages"……

  7. On behalf of 330 billion customers please Increase the tork value by 10 lbs on all bolts. Thank you. Then there's that there headliner foam dust in our lungs. I thought it was that talc powder making us wheeze.

  8. 50 Thousand ungrateful workers !!!

    Ungrateful that they have a job in the first place.

    GM should just say (SCREW YOU) & relocate all operations to another country entirely.

  9. Someone isn't telling the whole story. These guys are talking about wages and benefits, others are talking about plant closures and being laid off. The old man at GM says their truck and SUV sales are strong and that's about it. He says new models are coming soon and workers are saying 2 years out. So good luck with all that mess.

  10. Fuck these spoiled GM workers..i hope they get NOTHING more. They are paid vey well for jobs that fucking machines can do

  11. rescuing plants? how does that correlate with the "current" employees? is this like the paying for other peoples kids to have free colloge and paying for others to have health care because its good for society? lol fuck off

  12. 54,000 GM workers going on strike ? GM has downsized so much that they're almost a small business now. There were more than 54,000 GM workers in Michigan alone when I was born there.

  13. Unions aren't driving companies overseas. Greed is. And American people being either cheap. Or too poor to buy American made products. Would you spend an extra dollar or two for American made products? Around 70-80% of people live pay check to pay check. You can't have a strong economy if the middle class is shrinking.

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