Girl, 13, reunited with family after harrowing 88-day ordeal

Jayme Closs, who was abducted after the suspect allegedly killed both her parents, has been reunited with her aunt and dog; Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald speaks out about the case.

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  1. Praise GOD, let the healing begin for Jayme, dear Lord take Jayme under Your wing, we pray for healing, mentally, spiritually & physically, left joy, peace, laughter & love abound in her life again, we pray in the Almighty name of JESUS CHRIST Amen🛐✝️👍🙏🛐✝️👍🙏💚💙💚💙💚💙💚

  2. The investigation came up with no evidence that the child had any social media connection. This man is a predator. I had a man stalk me every morning without my knowledge when I’d walk to school. One morning he was waiting for me, stopped me, and said he’d been watching me walk to school and home for a long time and he that he wanted me to hook up with him. I told him I was underage, (I was 15). He said that didn’t bother him, so I told him my dad was a cop, and whether he believed me or not, he backed away and left. I never walked to school again after that. Please don’t say this child instigated this horrific situation. YOU KNOW NOTHING.

  3. Glad she is safe but law enforcement there are speaking like they found her. She was able to get away and get help. The Sheriff is loving being in front of the camera.

  4. Sweet girl…so so brave. She saved HERSELF. Nobody is giving her credit for being so brave and saving HERSELF. They weren't looking for her up there, if she didnt get out how she did she wouldnt have been found. She's so powerful. So brave. Such a good girl. My littlest sister is 13 and this story has been on my mind since it happened I am so happy for her to be found safe and even though I don't know her I am so proud of how strong and brave she was to save herself even knowing her parents would no longer be there waiting for her. The amount of courage and will to live coming from such a young girl in such a bad situation makes me so proud of her. I hope you heal and live the full life you're meant to have Jayme.

  5. So happy she's been found safe. Even more happy to hear about Elizabeth smart reaching out to her, so incredible that if she wants she'll have someone to talk to who truly understands what she went through.

  6. Now just imagine how different these comments would be if the pedophile/murderer/kidnapper turned out to be black or hispanic! FoKKKs News and these comments would be all over it. The hypocrisy in this country is unprecedented.

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