Girl, 6, Worries That She Is Fat: Too Young to Be Concerned with Body Image?

Researchers find that young girls fret about body image at earlier ages.

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  1. Why are they so concerned about the welfare of these giggling shits? "Fatty watty need to lose weight." They don't have any crap self image issue. They're just growing up to make fun of girls "eating too much". I notice when girls bully others, schools always pander to the girls suggesting the abuse of others might be from a self-esteem issue and that makes them equally victims! "Oh, I picked on a fat girl because I hate myself. It's true!" "Aw, child you poor baby, God forgives!"

  2. My self imagine is still crushed, my mom came into my room one day and yold me that she saw me getting fatter every day and it wasnt fair at all because i have three siblings that ate a lot more junk food and stuff but were always skinny and never needed exercise and so i would always be fat shamed so as a 12 year old i felt deflated changing, shopping even showering

  3. Obviously one can tell a young girl she is fat, and she will believe it. That is essentially the problem. Girls have killed themselves over it and all it takes is one bully to tell them that. Bullies tend to pick soft targets.

  4. Omg she's not fat she's beautiful and that a young boy called her fat he has a nasty mouth that young girl thinks she's fat no she's perfect and beautiful. I think the girl in the blue is beautiful there all pretty

  5. I started having body image issues at age 7 because I was teased for being skinny, fast forward to 14 I developed binge eating issues, fast forward to 17 and I still have days where I feel like a literal skeleton and I still have days where I relapse into binge eating.

  6. I think the problem is that ''fat'' is seen as an insult nowadays and that 'skinny' is often seen as a compliment. But it's both unhealthy. And I think, whether you're naturally skinny or fat, you're beautiful. As long as you eat healthy and enjoy eating and life, it should work out fine 

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