Guard fired at police, may have shot student at STEM school: Sources

The private company that employs the guard said its workers are permitted to open fire only when there’s a “threat to life.”




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  1. Probably ddnt happen this is how the libtards are spinning it! Instead of saying it was a mentally ill tranny and gay person.lmfao

  2. It's sad most likely this was a poorly trained officer that had no clue what he was doing and should have never had that job in the first place. Come on security heads let's put emphasis on training and qualification.

  3. Everyone is a bitch “omg omg a shooting” shut up this is going to continue happening and no amount of screaming and being a bitch is gonna stop it

  4. Since it has already been a mass. Just sell more powerful weapons to Americans so that maybe they can defend themselves. A bat is too weak compared to a gun.

  5. And they want teachers to have guns? Hahaha I can see the headlines now 'student catches teacher watching porn in class, teacher shoots student'. or 'teacher accidently shoots own foot, ricocheting into student'

    School has already become one disaster after the other, so let's throw guns in the mix…

    neither teacher nor student be

  6. Soon after the video started I hovered the cursor over the end of it and confirmed it contains "Thanks for watching ABC news" so I will just skip it.

  7. One of the suspects who did the shooting was transitioning from female to male and on drugs that has never been studied long enough to know the long term affects. They need to look at all the possibilities here not just use it as an excuse to try to take guns away from law abiding citizens.

  8. Typical white kids talking shit, and was probably the same ones that teased the poor kid that did what he did. Everyone talk about reform in the schools but refuse to talk about stopping these racist ass parents from teaching their racist ass kids to stop bullying. SMFH! It's only gonna get worst!

  9. Supreme Court says…The Police have No Duty to Serve and Protect…. 
    If the police were ever intended to serve and protect the populace, they’ve at this point strayed far from that purpose. In at least two judgments by the Supreme Court (DeShaney vs. Winnebago and Town of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales), as well as various local cases (i.e. Warren v. District of Columbia, etc. [1]), cops were deemed to be under no obligation to protect citizens even if the threats were apparent…. 
    Professor Darren L. Hutchinson of University of Florida School of Law proclaims that Neither the Constitution, nor state law, impose a general duty upon police officers or other governmental officials to protect individual persons from harm — even when they know the harm will occur. Police can watch someone attack you, refuse to intervene and not violate the Constitution…. 
    This is not to say that one is to blame police negligence for every single violent activity that occurs in such a populous region as the United States, but it should certainly make us question their alleged raison d’être of serving and protecting the people.

  10. This kids are the way to go, their wolf sheep. They are civil when not in danger,but threaten the herd they will defend it. It sounds crazy to say it. But in this crazy world full of wolfs. We have to teach our kids to fight for them selfs and the ones who surround them. 911 will take 10+ mins to react to a school shooting.Most school shootings are made up of loan wolfs with a -5 min shooting spree. No time to run, but to react. My prayers are for those young man who decided to defend the herd! God is saving you a spot next to him.

  11. So was this head line more media gossip? Most likely. I'm sure we will never know if fake news is wrong. And of course any 12 yr old boy who has a good dad would know about defending himself and friends from harm. That's what father's teach boys. Shocked they didn't demonize the boy for being white and grabing a bat.

  12. That's the whole point of the second amendment. I'm right there with that kid, if I'm gonna go down, I'm gonna go down fighting. Nobody should take the right for self defense away from citizens.

  13. Tell me again why people send their kids to school? can they learn math and language arts on their own or online? the rest of the subjects are all lies anyway, history, science etc. bad influences and now risking their lives for what?

  14. I can only hope we put laws in place that hold the school administrators accountable for negligence when there is evidence of such before things blow up like this did.

  15. How do u shoot at cops ? Starnge kinda sounds like it was a fire drill or put out there as a commercial . Fake things always happen in Colorado its like the govt use s that state to see if Americas will believ news castings

  16. Just one thing though the self-harming does not a dangerous child make. in any given high School I would say at least 5% of the population self-harms. it's just a very high school way to take control of your emotions. These kids are verrrry rarely dangerous to anyone but themselves

  17. Guns should be taken away from all people in this country. We don't really need them. Even our military shouldn't have any. We need to show the world that love is the greatest power.

  18. Have bags of bricks and rocks to throw at the gunman or gunmen all at once. practice with paper in bags. Keep under each desk, and squirt bottles of bleach for the gunman's eyes and down his throat. acid for his eggplant. Make sure doors are locked, and walk around the school to see what is being passed in the windows. There should always be hidden and armed hall monitors Have some fake students to ear-jack on the crazies.

  19. Wow at some of the ignorance in the comments …teach a 12 ish y.o. to defend him/herself against an adult with a gun …that is quite possibly the most asinine thing I've ever heard… While I agree that armed officers or security guards is a start it isn't the answer truth is there probably isn't a perfect solution to this problem…I mean hell we can't completely contain prisoners in prisons they do escape occasionally … So why do we think that we can completely eliminate the threat of a shooter in a school…

  20. Inner City schools in New York and other rough towns have had metal detectors and locked doors in place for years …maybe it's time that metal detectors and locked classroom doors are mandatory Nationwide …correct me if I'm wrong but I don't recall anyone saying that any of the schools where a shooting has occurred had metal detectors or kept the classroom doors locked…

  21. Shadow government is staging these shootings to get the people to back the anti-gun laws in this country….. Wouldn't be surprised if this was a false flag shooting. Not to mention they interview a 12 year old who says, "I'd go down fighting"…. The goal is to get the viewer to say, "Wow, look at this little boy who is having to deal with shit like this.. Guns are ruining America"…. When in reality, the shadow government is trying to get the guns off the streets so they can usher in the NWO that much faster, with less opposition.. Don't fall for this false dialogue or the brainless puppets who regurgitate it.
    Educate yourself and stay awake… The real battle is coming.

  22. Schools should be run like maximum security prisons. All students and anyone who comes near the campus are searched thoroughly and forced to go through a metal detector. And perhaps it’s time to require a specific uniform which will make the search easier.and I do think that the perimeter must be completely secure with high fences and cameras everywhere

  23. No legislation can get rid of disturbed mind. Its not a gun issue, its a social/mindset issue. Kind of like terrorism, matter how many laws you pass people with fucked up intentions will find a way unfortunately.

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