Hurricane Florence closes in on the Carolina coast

The entire region is under a state of emergency as a catastrophic storm surge threatens to reach up to 13 feet.



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  1. I expect others to understand that if you have never experienced a storm or tornado in your life make sure that curiosity does NOT keep you from evacuating. Puertoricans did NOT have that option if they had no financial resources to purchase the right materials to protect their property or fly out of the island. East coast of USA had that choice and some of them paid the ultimate price choosing not to leave. NOW, let us get altogether and help out and assist the ones who need it the most, the elderly and the ones with disabilities. I hope no one thinks of me as a bad person, but the facts are there. If you don't have a chainsaw, get a machete and start chopping small branches and pushing debris out of the way for rescue vehicles to drive thru and access the victims…THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. ok she just made a ridiculous and ignorant comment….about people on life support will die if the power goes out! Hospitals with critical care units Intensive care units etc… ALL have built in GENERATORS!! those are generators that automatically cut on when the power goes out.. Can you imagine ….oh no the power goes out in a thunderstorm, we just lost all our patients on life support!!..

  3. Where is the hurricane now I;thought it was half way across N.C. this news is as if it’s just now hitting ,,,sorry coverage it’s+11-53 just before midnight Friday night in few minutes be Saturday 9-15-18

  4. I crossed my hands “Amen” I said. My room felt quiet as I can feel the one and only God dressed in white float in my room and talk to me. “Dear my lord, The universe that you created has expanded so enormously I said. Ever since our races have been spread out and have been created, we have been blinded by racism and have been starting independent wars, since we now have this monster drowning every thing your children worked on, so many people are gonna fade out into dust. Our world has been full of one way tears and water flooding our faces like “the belonging in the graveyard of history like the pony express.” Also every human being that you created are being blinded by evil and they always try to hurt others because of their jealousness and righteousness. Even when the judge in court (A human being that your created my lord) sentences them to death for the moral sins that they have done and put the most biggest smile on their faces, makes me question that Do you love suffering too? Why did you create hell to punish sinners and atheist for disobeying you? Why not just erase there existence, why must you need Satan to torture these people. (Every human that your created are one, Evil isn’t born…it never is…it’s made.) (Nurture>Nature.) I’ve picked six of the seven trumpets that are supposed to sound from the bible. They must not all sound, if they sound all humanity will die, but so far with all the tragedy’s that happens such as “Charlottesville” and “Parkland” and “Santa Fee” and now this monster called “Florence,” also with technology mind-melting us like Satan wanted to… for all I know Mankind and America has become puke. I praise you lord for all the greatness you have given me at with my big house big family, and friends. But your world completely is dying. I now ask you to please help me to guide everything and everyone to help me make this world the heaven that your already created. This is my finale…”I have a better word for the “Human Race” I said, “Let Us Call It SOUl”…………Amen…..

  5. Don't risk your lives trying to save those who refused to leave. They had many opportunities to be transferred to shelters

  6. Poor Climate Scientology Religious Leaders hoping for a Cat 9, with devastation from Boston to Miami.

    They're all jamming the Suicide Hotlines in NYC, LA, and the Bay Area this morning.

    Florence petering out is the worst thing to happen to them since Trump's election.

  7. Go ask yr Corp owners how the death-betting is going? How many do THEY expect to eliminate THIS time? I see FEMA's right there on the disposable job for those left homeless.
    Got the Mil in there to blow dams n Creeks again have THEY? Sure we'll see them there…shades of Houston & Louisiana no doubt!

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