In Search of the Virgin Mary

Believers say there are Virgin Mary sightings from New Jersey to Bosnia.


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  1. You are a liar Sir. Muslims and the Jews reject her as the Mother of the Son of God, if the Muslims and the Jews believed in Him as their King and Ruler over Heaven and Earth and admit that they are Sinners and followed after the laws of Moses and Muhammad that were about Stoning and taking an eye for an eye and that they could marry more than one Wife they would be Saved. But they do not Believe and go on Sinning Day after Day.

  2. Hope you people will repent before it is too late!! Mary worship is idolatry!! Only Jesus is the way the truth and the life and no man cometh unto the father but by him!! GOD is warning us to come to him, by believing on his Son & What he did for you at Calvary!! His blood is your propituation for your sins!!..and he is coming Very Very Soon to Rapture his church & the children to heaven!!..♡♡♡ God Bless!!!!..

  3. Firstly, all men have sinned, including Mary, and fallen short of the glory of God [Rom 3:23], and through one man sin entered the world and death spread to all men [Rom 5:12]. King David writing in Psalms says that he was brought forth in iniquity and in sin when his mother conceived him – biblical proof of mankinds sinful nature from the time of conception. [Psa 51:5]. According to the law of Moses every mother that conceived, either a male or female, had to after an appointed time offer sacrifices to God: one as a burnt offering, and one as a sin offering [Lev.12]. Mary, after conceiving Jesus made these sacrifices in accordance and obedience to the Law God gave to Moses. This is clearly indicated to us in the book of Luke chap. 2 ver. 21-24, as Mary applies this very observance as is required of every Jewish woman who conceives her first born son. Read Leviticus 12 is first, understand what is being said, then read Luke 2:21-24. Once reading and understanding what is being said, it is clear that the offering Mary offers makes according to … law of the Lord, A pair of turtledoves, or two young pigeons. [Lk.2:24], … the one for the burnt offering, and the other for a sin offering: … [Lev. 12:8]. The sin offering Mary gives is sufficient evidence Mary's carnality.

    In need of a Saviour

    Other proof of Mary being a sinner is found when Mary declares the need of a saviour. One is only in need of a saviour when realizing they are helpless and hopeless; that God in Christ having paid the penalty for the sins of mankind, is the One in Whom we are able to find redemption. [Col.1:12-14]. Mary also said, "My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour" [Luke 1:46,47]. Again, Mary admits her estate as the handmaiden of God and not "Mother of God". Admiting her estate as a handmaiden because God used her instrumentally as a vessel to conceive the Lord Jesus Christ. By Mary s own words, she removes any idea of pre-emanance so as not to assume exaltation above God s calling upon her life. "For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed" [Luke 1:48].

    Had more than four children

    The Scriptures catergorically state the family Jesus had, and that Mary did conceive after the birth of Jesus. She never remained a virgin, and can never be considered "immaculate" as the Roman Catholic Church has exalteded her to be. "Is not this the carpenter's son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas? And his sisters, are they not all with us? Whence then hath this man all these things?" (Mat 13:55,56).

    Not Mediatrix

    Mary as mediatrix is unfounded in Scripture. Scripture tells us who makes intercession for the saints before the Father.

    There are two mediators in Scripture, who are:

    Firstly, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    By so much was Jesus made a surety of a better testament. 
    And they truly were many priests, because they were not suffered to 
    continue by reason of death: But this man, because he continueth ever, hath an unchangeable priesthood. Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them. [Heb 7:22-25].

    Secondly, the Holy Spirit.

    Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God. [Rom 8:26,27].

  4. Holy Mary is very much alive ! If any of you were givers of life, would you let your mother die?
    Holy Mary is unquestionably the greatest receiver of the Triad Gods Grace for ALL TIME because she held God Creator (God Logos, Spoken Truth Words), in her womb for nine months!
    Thus Holy Mary is considered to be the greatest of all theologians. However her role in the Church was one of a mother, an advisor and a friend to the Apostles simply because this was the role given to her by her Son and God Lord Jesus. The very foundation of a healthy type Christian life that produces Saints is the family, and a woman is called to be the backbone of this foundation as a mother an advisor and a friend to her husband and children aiding the whole family achieving the only purpose of life on earth which is ETERNAL LIFE. Holy Mary’s Holy remains are to be found nowhere. It is commonly known in Orthodoxy (knowledge passed down by the Holy Fathers), that Panagia (the All Holy Mary) resurrected thee days after her death. All the Apostles where there except Thomas. Tradition has it that the Apostles where brought there from around the world on clouds! As Holy Mary was ascending here comes Apostle Thomas late as usual. He could only see her up in a distance and so immediately he cried out “I don’t believe that it is Mary” Panagia (Panagia means all Holy) replied by answering from up high “misbeliever Thomas, take my belt in order to be convinced that it is I” and she threw her belt to him.

    Holy Mary’s belt is located today at the Batopedi Monastery in Athos Mountain which is known as the garden of Panagia and it is exhibited daily.
    The Holy Father teaches that her begotten Grace which will be known by the brightness of Her Being in the Heavenly Kingdom will be by far the greatest of ALL. Paul is very lucid in [1 Corinthians 15:41] in describing the personal characteristic of each and every Saint after His Second Coming. “The brightness and shine of the sun, differs from the shine of the moon that differ from the shine of the stars that all differ between them. And he continues in verse.There are 21 Monasteries on Mount Athos Greece today. Two of these Monasteries do not have an abbot The abbot is Holy Mary!

    Lord Jesus did not come to teach philosophically but THERAPEUTICALLY.

    Understanding the Orthodox Christian Faith

  5. It is a SIN against an almighty God to pray to Mary. There is only ONE intercessor between God and man and that person is Jesus Christ. 1 Timothy 2:5. Praying to Mary is no different than praying to zeus. Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. Repent of the heresy of Catholicism and place your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for your salvation. That is the only way you can truly be saved.

  6. You will be searching forever. Mary did NOT die a virgin. Pick up a bible some time. The Catholic whores version of Mary is the pagan goddess known as the mother. Constantine demanded that christians consolidate their faith in Jesus with his faith in the man pagan gods of his days. That is how we got Catholicism. And its why so much early church history was destroyed. The persecution of the Catholic whore against true christians began long before the protestants came onto the scene. Protestants are just Catholics who protested the Popes doctrines. However the true church of Christ has been here since Jesus started it. So keep searching for "THE VIRGIN MARY" you will never find what amounts to nothing more than the pagan god, "the mother"

  7. Yes she is the mother of Jesus but remember she is not God she is a human been like you. And me . To worship her you r not believing in the. Comandement of God exodos 20. You only worship to God.

  8. Mary the mother of Jesus christ is obedient to the Lord God, she is not mother of God.
    God brought His son through the women because we are flesh and the blood, read Hebrew 2 nd chapter

  9. Idols are idols cannot talking or moving or hearing made by man I love Mary Jesus mom but thies people are deceived by rellign sistem 👿

  10. We should all pray to God for mercy. I want the abortions to end so that America can be given another chance. That’s the main reason why America could be destroyed soon.

  11. Marija Pavlović is one of the visionaries in Medjugorje.
    The video, 0:2:50 was taken in Alabama.
    This video was posted on June 13, 2011.
    On May 22, 2019, "Alabama's near-total ban — the most restrictive abortion law in the country" was signed.

    Hail Mary, full of grace,
    Blessed art thou amongst women,
    And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

    Holy Mary, Mother of God,
    Pray for us, sinners
    Now and at the hour of our death,

  12. Mary was human she was a God fearing women … She can not help no man …the one you should be seeking is the almighty God Jesus Christ it is He who is the one who saves and delivers us from our sins … Calling upon Mary is idolatery an aboimintaiom unto God and all,who pray to her image or idol is praying to demon …. And if you don't repent from these idol worshipping Mary the bible says you will,end up in Hell … God dose not give his glory to no image nor His praise to idol it is written in the bible …….. Jesus is the son of the living God not of a human women ….. Mary was blessed but don't put her as if she was one with The lord Jesus Christ …. No man can compare themselfs to the almighty who exsited long before the creation of thy earth ……. It's blasphemy to pray to Mary because she is not God … Only God hears the prayers of the saved people who have repented and given your life completly to Jesus Christ ….. And are living for him obeying his word …. God dose not answer the prayers of the sinners the wicked sin builds a wall between God and the wicked … If u are praying to Mary you are consider lost wicked in need of a savior Jesus come out from these aboimintaioms false relgions that are not accounting to the truth of the Gosple of Jesus Christ ……

  13. The people that pray to Mary are deceived gullible Catholics, Satan's counterfeit church. RUN FROM THE CATHOLIC CHURCH OR BE JUDGED WITH THEM.

  14. The Holy Bible , Deuteronomy 4:23 :
    Be certain that you do not forget the covenant that the LORD made with you. Obey his command not to make yourselves any kind of idol, because the LORD your God is like a flaming fire ; he tolerates no rivals.

  15. According to Matthew 1:25, Mary's virginity was temporary, she remained a virgin until after the birth of Jesus. His brothers were Jude, Joses, Simon, Jude and James. His sister was Solome. In the original Greek, the relatives of Jesus are brothers and sisters, not cousins.

  16. i dont know who your virgin mary is. but the mother of jesus didnt die a virgin. she had plenty of kids. oh, but thats rite, catholics dont believe one word of the bible.

  17. Ok Mary is idolatry. She is not the mother of god. God created her. She is a child of God. She was just a human vessel chosen to give birth to Jesus. Mary is dead and awaiting judgement day. When Jesus rose from the dead, satan suffered a mighty blow, and he became a defeated foe. So he pulled a demon and named her “The Virgin Mary.” Mary was not a virgin. She bore Joseph more children. And satan made people believe Mary was a goddess and ruled heaven. Jesus respected Mary because he was human at that time. Even though Jesus is god In human form, Jesus followed God’s word and respected his earthly parents. On judgement day, Mary will bow down to the Lord. She is only human. No need to pray to her. She will not save you. She will not put joy to you. She will not love you more that Jesus does. So my dear brothers and sisters, get away from satan, and only trust Jesus as your lord and he will give u salvation. God bless you. God loves you

  18. Mary mother of Jesus is seen at Revelation 12:1 in heaven clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. I tend to believe that the twelve stars represent the twelve Apostles.

  19. Arguing with a Protestant.

    I’m becoming more and more convinced that debating Protestants on any one of their various protests and objections generally accomplishes little more than spinning tires while the wheels are off of the ground. There are as many Protestant objections as there are heretical sects (and there are thousands of them).

    Either the Church is Who She says She is or She is wicked. Either the Catholic Church, which Christ Himself established has authority or it doesn’t.

    Unless a Protestant comes to receive the Supernatural Virtue of Faith, no argument will in and of itself prevail against their heresy.

    Therefore we must pray and do penance for the conversion of the Protestants which we engage while we speak the Truth. I think too often we think that conversion relies on our own clever arguments and in human effort. In truth, it is the Holy Ghost that does the converting while we till the soil for the Holy Ghost to grow the seeds of Faith.

    Perhaps I’m mistaken but this seems to be the true root of all debate with heretics.

  20. Mary was a human being like us,she was just blessed to be the mother of my LORD JESUS CHRIST.She was not and is not immortal.She is dead, sleeping just like the rest of humanity that have gone on before.Mary does not have any power to heal you or save you.Only JESUS CHRIST can. KJV John 3:16 For GOD so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. I do not see Marys name anywhere at all.Take heed people, stop believing everything you see or hear on the internet, check it out for yourself, in the HOLY BIBLE.

  21. I saw our lady when I was 9 yrs old. Her message was frightening to me as well what she made me see. Her message is true. OUR MOTHER MARY IS soooo beautiful. GOD BLESS.

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