India Loses Communication During Attempted Moon Mission

India hoped to become the fourth nation to soft-land on the moon with their Chandrayaan-2 space mission. But their space agency, ISRO, lost communication with their lander just before the mission was complete. CBS News Space Consultant Bill Harwood joined CBSN to discuss the apparent failure.


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  1. It's difficult lady bcoz India land on dark side of 🌒 which is a first attempt by any country we can easily land where previous landers landed bcoz that part is not so much complicated as compare to this south pole ..atlast whatever it is 95% of mission is successful n India gives most successful space missions as compare to any other countries we INDians r with ISRO 🙏

  2. no communication? that's ironic. Indians seem have no trouble calling me several times a week telling me there have been legal allegations and a law suite has been filed against me by the Internal Revenue Service. Not to mention the fact that the calls are always monitored by the IRS AND Homeland Security. My driver's licence with be canceled, bank accounts frozen and an arrest warrant will be issued. But the worst is the fact that I will face federal prison for 5 years if I don't go buy $6,000 in itunes cards and read them the numbers on the back of the cards.

  3. I do not understand the first men on the moon had live video when they landed on the moon and even spoke to President Nixon by phone.
    What has India shown us, absolutely nothing, no transparency.

  4. Lmao but we sent a few guys there in a metal bucket wrapped in aluminum foil 50 years ago 🤣🤣😂 Landed, checked it out got back in and blasted off back to earth lmao.

  5. -4th nation for soft landing in moon
    -1st nation to land in South Pole and soft landing.
    -1st nation to find water on moon
    -Indian already reached moon in 2008(but it was not soft landing)
    -chandrayan 2 = orbiter+(lander{Rover})
    Lander✔️(it has self is but power of 14 days)
    Lander gets command from the orbiter
    But the Landers receiver is misplaced or something➡️and that is the only problem
    chandrayan 2 has been 95% success. (Cus orbitor still working)

  6. The moon is our main weather maker. Pulls the atmosphere around. Took a picture of it in July. Full moon with a yellow halo. Looked just like the sun only not as bright. Terrific lightening storm in Washington state recently due to thinning atmosphere, which normally insulates strikes. Denver area is high plateau vulnerable to the moon's atmospheric pull. Large hail there recently because their upper atmosphere is thinner and colder. "The Lord's day comes as a thief in the night"!!

  7. All those people making scam jokes to bellitle the sincere efforts of Indian scientists and engineers, I feel sad for you! I know it's frustrating being scammed, and we in India learned our lesson the hard way when we realised how the american companies and media have been scamming us for so long! You see, today a diabetic, whether rich or poor, has more chances of surviving in India than in USA. Your companies are scamming your own people now and I'm sorry because you are able to see through the obvious petty scam done by a foreigner but can't see the scam that your own companies have been doing with you, just coz they are American companies! So sorry.. Really sorry.. So so so… 😂 😂

  8. If the Indian Space Agency had settled Their debt with the American IRS this would have never happened ….. These people do not learn ….. You HAVE to pay Your taxes ….. It is the LAW !!!

  9. I don’t get it Nixon had a telephone conversation with our astronots
    50 years ago with better reception than my present day cell phone You dummies should have asked how nasa did it

  10. After being the first country in the world to reach mars in the very first attempt ..this is just a small glitches ,

  11. Well orbitor is still there,and communication lost just at 2.1 km above lunar surface,..its been 95%success ..they got the data that's the most important thing

  12. This stupid old lady is full of hatred. Doesn't have a bit of knowledge herself and thinks it's di easy to send the rocket to another planet and that too in south pole.

  13. Indians are well cultured… Talented…have lot of Faith in humanity.. Thinks and treat world as a family… Accepts and worship all Gods of all religions as the way they treat their God! They never forced in one god… They know everywhere god exist… In each and everything god exist.. That's why they love and respect all in the universe! We don't want to disrespect anyone.. God knows… We will achieve things better and better with blessing of God's and blessings of our elders! Thank u all!

  14. Don't worry folks, they have Akshay kumar and Ajay devgun ; these two guys will make perfect moon landing and will perform moonwalk there. ..just wait for a Bollywood movie. ..maderchod 🙏🙏

  15. The poverty of India is a human disaster of monumental proportions! It has to be seen to be believed. Why is your useless government wasting so much money on an obvious PR job? And even that crashed… A nation of bureaucratic puff adders; the whole world is smirking, but is too polite to say anything, and ridicule your absurd government.

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