It's Morning, America: Friday, May 10, 2019

Tariffs escalate trade war with China, pope issues sex abuse edict and new details emerge in Colorado school shooting.


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  1. America's days are numbered along with the world. Yahweh will destroy this new age, new world order. ISLAM is the rod of Yahweh that will bring about His purposes.
    To Elohim all glory and praise forever!!

  2. I think somebody got the Colorado story twisted, as usual. The real hero in that Colorado shooting was not the police, but rather the child who was murdered trying to help save fellow students. The police are "paid" to intervene in such actions. That is their job. But that child was a student who had nothing to gain and sacrificed everything-his life-to the benefit of other people. If he isn't the hero in this situation, then there were none.

  3. SMH people relocate climate change is real it's only gonna get worse. Government knows it that's why there's FEMA. That's why they subsided Walmart buildings and gave them tax breaks so they could have the buildings built and for people in the community to feel at ease ..

  4. The US is the great consumer and China is the great producer. We can financially enable any number of 2nd and 3rd world countries to produce. China, not so much.

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