Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer of extortion

The Amazon CEO took to Medium to publicly accuse the National Enquirer of a blackmail and extortion plot involving compromising photographs.


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  1. Bezos is stupid and is attempting to be the hero when he is really the patsy. Other accounts say the mistress sent Bezos' text messages and sex photos to her girlfriends. One or more of them then sold the texts and naked photos to the Enquirer. By claiming blackmail and extortion, it is just an attempt to set up the Enquirer. Bezoz is a cheating Bozo. And stupid at that and has been played by a gold digger.

  2. Bezos is getting a tast of his own WaPo treatment of President Trump…this is KARMA in action…Bezos hates President Trump. as Bezos wants to protect his Amazon monopoly…

  3. Trump name comes up not surprising he is jealous he is not rich anymore I can't believe people still read The National Enquirer.

  4. Extortion is when you ask for something in exchange for compromising evidence…Not when you ask if these pics are you. He has to show in the email where they said quit saying we are bad or else we will publish these..Which of course he won't because they didn't..They just published the pics..They never asked anything except if the photos were him.1:12 is where the propaganda begins..We go from Bezos says to assumed fact "in exchange for…". Show the email or call tape where they said or emailed this…Otherwise it's just conjectured lies by Bezos trying to be made into fact by the MSM.."an alleged email sent from AMIs content officer". Hey ABC News report manager..Should we call that content manager and ask if he sent this email Bezos is accusing him of illegal things? You know the one Bezos sent us but didn't really have anything extortionate in it so you said don't worry about quoting it in the report and wasn't even from AMIs company email?..ABC News Manager: naaa..Just run the story let's not respect them with a response.

  5. What a condition! Agree not to commit another crime! Doesn’t everyone live under that condition? Hey the police agreed not to arrest me if I don’t commit a crime! Yippee!

  6. I'm more sympathetic for the people who work for Amazon under Bezos. I want to know whether their working conditions have improved given that last expose.

  7. What goes around comes around. All that sabotaging of Trump brought some unwanted attention and bad luck to Jeffy 🙂 LOL

  8. Is anybody else being blackmailed by David Pecker? Please come forward. Politicians, celebrities? This is the right time to catch him.

  9. If National Enquirer goes out of business how will Trumptards find out about the latest Elvis sighting?
    Sad times for Trumpturds : (


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