Last Defense – Darlie Routier | 20/20 | Part 2


Darlie Routier seen celebrating son’s birthday at grave

The mother was arrested in connection with her sons’ deaths after a local news station recorded her unusual demeanor, spraying silly string and smiling, at their grave.

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  1. Why is this all about Darlie?? Darren her ex-husband and her mother both are so focused on poor Darlie poor Darlie.. what about poor Devon and Damen and why aren't they doing everything they can possibly think of to find the killer of these innocent boy's if darlie isn't the killer??

  2. Darlie not Darin didn't seemed scared at the birthday celebration at the Cemetery?? If someone else did this.. Why was there NEVER 1 shred of evidence of an intruder why hasn't Darren try to look for the person or persons responsible for his children's murders… it just doesn't feel like they where to worried about the person that got away with killing their children even in their interviews except for this one right now no one says there's a child murderer running around someone needs to get to the bottom of this tragedy! Also why would an intruder that broke into someone's home obviously to "rob" them, kill 2 innocent children that were sleeping (made sure they were dead) but left the adult lying on the couch ALIVE knowing, she could definitely describe him/her?? It seems like it was all set up by the parents but went horribly wrong.. and two little boys lost their lives… for absolutely NO reason! I don't care what anyone says Darren knows more than he's letting on and now he's trying to stay on Darlene's good side so she doesn't rat his arse out to

  3. Or why didn't she ask to make sure the baby wasn't harmed… even though the baby was upstairs, I would be frantic worried if ALL thr kids were ok

  4. Darlie made the biggest mistake of her life by trusting and lying for Darin. She made a huge mistake by allowing Darin and her mother to hire Doug Mulder under the condition he not implicate Darin in the crime. The police knew this crime was done by someone in that home and they got that part right, but they arrested and made an example of Darlie because she refused to tell the truth about Darin. One of them was going to pay and because Darlie chose to protect Darin she took the fall. It wasn't until 2017 that she finally started to realize that she made a huge mistake in trusting Darin.

  5. I would love to know what part of Darin's police statement supports the evidence? Nothing Darin said in his police report was true. Had the police checked Darins police report they would have known he lied about the table falling on Devon or being there before Darlie dialed 911. They would have known he lied about not running out to meet Waddell. They would have known he lied about going upstairs to put his pants on as police were coming in the front door. They would have known about Darin faking that second cpr on Devon. They would have known he lied about Damon having no pulse. They would have known he lied about when and why he went to karens. Nothing about his story matched the evidence. They never investigated Darin and they turned on Darlie because she chose to lie and protect Darin.

  6. There Karhy Cruz is talking about how shocked she was at the sight of Darlie's behavior and she completely ignored Darin. Darin got in front of that camera and talked about how he caught his boys stealing and he was the upstanding father who made his boys return the stolen flags mean while Darin was using cocaine in his room planning on how to rob his own home to collect the insurance. Not one person mentions one word about Darin.

  7. They brought in all the nurses and hospital staff from the hospital to do this documentary yet they knew for a fact they lied on the stand. They didn't bring in Waddell because they knew Waddell knew things about Darin that pointed to him as being the guilty person.

  8. The police did suspect Darin at first but when Darlie refused to cooperate they turned on her and from that second on it was downhill for Darlie. She defended Darin even though she knew for a fact she didn't know if he was in his room or not and she did not know for sure it was not Darin. She couldn't have known, she only saw the intruder for a split second from behind. So why the hell would she defend Darin right up until 2017

  9. I do not know who that officer is but there is absolutely no proof that Darlie said any of those things to those officers. They all claimed she said all these different things but they don't have one single signed or recorded statement proving Darlie ever changed her story. What are the odds of that. Even the scheduled interviews they had they still failed to prove anything they said was true. No signature no recording.

  10. Then Davis goes on further to say Darlie never accused Darin. Her description of the intruder fit Darin perfectly right up to that long straight mullet he used to wear. It wasn't up to Darlie to accuse or say it was Darin it was up to the police to properly investigate Darin and his many stories but they failed to do that. They never even tried to separate Darin from Darlie. He was feeding her his story right from the get go. The only things Darlie appeared to remember were things Darin had been coaching to her.

  11. Here we go with Greg Davis and yet more lies. He says he hears Darins version of the story and his accounts appear to be accurate. What the hell kind of bull shit is that. Darin lied from the second he opened his mouth and he can not back track and take those lies back. How could they have not known about all the lies Darin told in his statement. Every single thing Darin said was the opposite of what every other witness testified to. Darin had no alibi.

  12. I have followed this case for many yrs and I still think Darlie is innocent. I've heard on a doc that the husband had hired a person to rob the home for ins purposes. They truly need to give Darlie her freedom back!!!!!!!! Yes there is something wrong with this case but its not Darlie who is guilty. Hope she's out soon. And about the lil bd party they have her son at his gave site well there are alot of people who have done that.

  13. Do I think she’s guilty? That’s some some crazy shit to not only make those significant cuts to herself but how does one explain the whole sock incident? But I suppose anything is possible.

    Aside from that – how does a court, a judge and a jury allow her appearance to evidence as to why she was the killer. That juror said she had paid $2000 for her breast implants. So what! If you’re gonna convict every person based on breast implants, our jails would be full of innocent women with fake boobs!! That’s like saying that bc a person is black or brown they’d be guilty of said crime too!! And please I’m not making this about race. I’m simply pointing out that a persons appearance should not determine guilt or innocence. Period.

  14. The theory that she did it to get her life style back and the boys were an inconvenience is absurd.. She still had baby drake upstairs.. It wasn't for insurance money.. All that was on her and Darren.. The insurance on the boys was just enough to cover funeral costs.. The damning evidence is intruders don't come into a home and use a weapon from the home.. They bring one…. ON THE 911 call she was more worried about the fingerprints on the knife.. How did the blood of the boys get on the back of her night blouse?? 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔.. I have questions stil.. I remember watching news in Chicago back in still stumped about her..

  15. Nothing wrong with spraying silly string and smiling and eating gum wtf, give her and every single person a lie detector tests to get this all squared away

  16. The sock theory. My goodness. Are you all that silly? The woman said, I touched the knife now my fingerprints are on it. She said,nothing about the sock but had she known about it then, she would have said you may find my blood there too because I stepped on it.

  17. At first I thought she was innocent but if someone else did it they would've been covered in lots of blood and left a blood trail outside of the house at least into the neighbor's yards and down always from their house. If there was no blood outside of their property then shes guilty. But still not sure why they made a big deal about the birthday party. You cant judge someone just off of how someone mourns. Some ppl dont go overboard and turn into a drama queen when tragedy strikes.

  18. So many people on here playing detective. You guys have no idea, just because you followed the case and watched the documentary doesn’t mean you’re experts on the case.

  19. This is stereotypical but considering this was 30 yrs ago and in the south, I think it's significant that she said the guy was white. That makes her more credible to me

  20. Only God knows what really happened. God bless those boys. I am curious about the finger print and skin under her nails. How do you know how to act after something like this?

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