Mayor of Phoenix slams police officers' 'inappropriate and clearly unprofessional' actions

A young family was held at gunpoint in response to a shoplifting incident; investigators are reviewing whether police officers used “excessive force.”


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  1. Amerikkka is one messed up shithole country. How can Black people have a life with a racist Police Department throughout the whole country. smh.

  2. What do you expect in a department where majority white unexpirience kkkops and former chief spent their whole time texting racist messages back and fort before FBI call to reshuffle police department saying the whole system had been infiltrated by KKK? Those kkkops are just an example.

  3. Why are you turning the bad guys into victims here????!!! They are thieves, the worst kind of parents, endangering the lives of their kids by fleeing from the crime scene ($ store) to their apartment, with their kids in the car, NO seatbelt. Are you Americans sooooo dumb? !!!

  4. What the hell is wrong with the dollar store all they had to do was ask the parents if they were buying that . Often kids pick up toys or items they want and hold on to them not a big deal certainly not a reason to call cops

  5. GREAT………..Now the whole entire world can see once again, what African Americans have been saying for centuries, and now the WORLD can see the disconnect between police and the African American community in general; this is the reason there is a “NO SNITCH POLICY “ on the streets, essentially in the urban dynamic! Given the police culture in Amerikkka and its history, why should African Americans trust the police? When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty!

  6. A 4yr old baby picked a toy in the store without paying! I don't know which 4yr old white or black who has fully grasps the fact that you have to pay to carry anything out from the store! I see kids takes stuff on shelve all the time especially when parents are focussing on other things in the store! wonder if that was a white family, would these cops be yelling bursting a cap on them!!

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