Meet Marianne Williamson, spiritual guru, friend of Oprah's, presidential candidate

Williamson, a motivational speaker and best-selling author who was once called the “high priestess of pop religion,” is throwing her hat into the 2020 presidential ring.


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  1. The Dems are nuts and the ABC is pushing the crap agendas. And Oprah is a racist thats never had kids or married but preaches how to. She s a joke along with the cock Dr Phil. Lefist media bullshit

  2. Marianne Williamson is literally a joke and I meant it, the whole democratic presidential race is a joke but I admit there are serious candidates like Pete Buttigieg and Seth Moulton. It would be a disaster if this moron and bad joke Marianne Williamson would make it to Oval office.

  3. Love requires favoritism When you love everyone equally and indiscriminately, you really love no one. I would never trust someone who loves strangers equally to their own mother.

  4. Marianne has a unique ability to explain to others how to navigate ‘logically’ through life’s most challenging questions.

  5. Hang on you all the pengilum is swinging and the scales of justice are getting ready to balance Go High MarianneWilliamson You are being called upon God Bless us all. Shhh and listen to a blessing

  6. “What the world needs now is Love sweet Love”. More Soul less Ego. More unity less divisiveness. Experience in Government and for profit business, just leads to more Government and more profit for the rich, which is influenced by greed. Marianne Williamson will put God’s Love into action and bring people together as human beings and not as vehicles that will eventually lead to our destruction. Thank you Marianne for stepping up to the plate.

  7. i've read her book before, and i'm reading another one from her right now…

    her teachings are the correct path to take in life…

    even if she doesn't win the election,

    she'll definitely be a positive influence on the american public~ =)

  8. Shes saying absolutely nothing warranting POTUS. This is like a software developer speaking about the power of object orientation in C++ – One has nothing to do with the other (presidency) and its certainly not a place to enforce your religious/spiritual beliefs on others. This is literally no different then L. Ron Hubbard (also a science fiction author) making a political run based on The Church of Scientology.

  9. Ya… if ppl were not so clueless, they would have recognized the giant she is!

    She would have out ran “every president” United States has ever had!

    She even would have wrote her own speeches…. imagine that !

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