Meghan Markle's friends open up about the life of the duchess

Two of Meghan Markle’s closest friends are opening up about the Duchess of Sussex and her life with Prince Harry and baby Archie. “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King joins CBSN to talk about her CBS News special, “Meghan and Harry Plus One,” which airs tonight at 8/7c on CBS and streams on CBSN at 1 a.m. ET.


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  1. Jesus they are trying really hard to make people like Megan. I don’t know why they feel they have to make sure everyone likes her, we really don’t care. Yes, it’s nice she got married and is happy and that people look up to her…. Move on! They are really dwelling on this girl.

  2. Not how Meghan pushes ahead of Harry to be the first to shake hands with people being introduced to them. Correct protocol is for Harry to greet them first, THEN Meghan. Not very hard to learn, is it? But Meghan has been seen to push ahead on many occasions. This is just one small example of her attitude and narcissism.

  3. What about African princesses? There have been and still areany Royal families in Africa.
    Little girls of colour can learn about them. Why is it always the western culture that is seen as the only version of royalty?
    Look at Princess Elizabeth of Toro.
    She is gorgeous and accomplished.
    Maybe the press and media in the west, run by African-Americans, can talk about these women?

    Meghan married into a western royal family. How many whites married into African or Asian royal families?
    I feel role models can be found in one's own genetic origins but many don't look.

  4. Diana Weir, You are so right, it is the choice of MM – she wants to look and acts like WHITE when it fits.

    NO, what's done is NOT DONE; there is responsibility and consequence go with what she has done! 1. she plays white alright but denies OTHERS to point it out it 2. she plays the "black" role but refuses OTHERS to also follow thru it. 3. she wants to marry to price but refuses to follow his royal family protocols – to be a royal to OTHERS.

    When she tries to play as victim of public opinions, then It is business of OTHERS. Black or white, MM can NOT WANT HER CAKE AND ALSO EAT IT.

  5. Happy bless Anniversary Duke and Duchess of Sussex! May God continue to bless and protect you from all the evil, negative l, and wicked ❤👑❤ what God brought together no force can break apart, Amen! Have a successful abundant year and keep growing the Sussex family!


  6. Take the media circus away and you,d have a far less obsessed world public.
    The Prince is a real risk taker-he took a chance his ring to her won,t be returned in the post one day and he must have known his risky fight the Taliban leading from the front was a mere stunt unless he was that dim to throw his life away to spite Edward !-mmm some notables in USA led from the back since Vietnam.
    Anyway good luck to them .
    May we all live in peace and get on with our lives without this royal circus.

  7. I think Megan Markle is beautiful but she doesn't look like a person of color to me she looks like a white person so I don't know why people can say she looks like us when it fact she doesn't she looks like us

  8. Byrd you are right….it needs to be honest not what ever sounds good. I saw I the preview of the show when her friend said. She didn't grow up with images of herself in the royal family. To me megan does not represent black people nor has she ever in her life. We as black people would like to think so… but show me some proof. It is in her public image to include us now. I think if she could dis own Doria she would. This baby is going to be just another child to bring attention to the royal family.

  9. We know who she is she’s a social climber and I truly think that she was not ready for Royal life, because she does not want to follow the Royal protocol, it’s not that she just wants to be herself, that is not what the royal family is about. If she wants to stay in the royal family she has to follow what is proper protocol. Just because she doesn’t like it does not give her a pass. The royal family has very long standing traditions and they have a reason for it. Because to keep the monarchy alive they have to act and behave properly. And Queen Elizabeth is extremely aware of this and that’s why she has a tight reign on the family. I am American, not British but I see how and why the queen has her rules and Magana is threatening the entire family.

  10. Race obsession is real Theres a black American princess who married a prince from liechenstein in Europe how come Americans dont want to know her because princess angela of Liechtenstein is 100 percent black thus lack of interest

  11. Of course she knew the monarchy rules thats why no other Harry girlfriend want to marry him, but she has been so rude with her father, its a fact!

  12. Gayle I hope you've also interviewed Megan's family especially her dad who she's ghosted. Don't do a biased report only showing Megan's good side from her friends perspectives just because Oprah wanted Harry on her new show and you want to be her bff.

  13. Manufactured artificial schizophrenia inflicted in a human being against their will is a human rights crime,Its torture.Organised theft of a human life.The television industry as a group must face court action for this.

  14. What a horrible show this was – and it could have been so much better! The ONLY people who bring up race in every other sentence are those on the Left. No one else cares or notices – it would be great if everyone followed MLKing Jr's advice.

  15. *******Markle or Middleton**********
    Boycott “LIKE” on any videos/articles that has “Markle or Middleton” on the TITLE, when referring to the Duchesses, respectively.
    Markle & Middleton are no longer their last names. They are married women & respect their new name & Title
    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
    Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

  16. I strongly feel that Meghan believes she can be her own PR person. This is a huge fail for reasons that shall not be mentioned. These friends including Gail must’ve had her approval to go ahead with a special like this & to present it to the network execs for approval to air. Why does Meghan care so much if people like her or not? Just live your now perfectly manicured life & enjoy the free loading. seriously! Meghan is racially ambiguous unless she tans herself to get darker. This is NOT a race thing. She identified/ presented herself as white ( nose job, straight hair etc) despite the whole check your own box thing, almost all her friends are white. Nobody is hating on her because she’s black. That needs to STOP! It shouldn’t even matter if people like her or not. She now has a title that means nothing to most of us just enjoy your life!

  17. Looking forward to the presentation tonight! It need not be all positive, but rather honest and sincere. Prince Harry, his Princess the Duchess of Sussex, and Royal Baby Archie Harrison (a breath of fresh air in this current jaded and divisive WORLD!!!) are Princess Diana's legacy, along with Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and their royal children. If there is ANY TRUTH to a riff, I trust they will work it out! There are growing pains in any relationship, royal or not, worth its salt. As for the Duchess, my keen observation and intuition tell me what you see is what you get! And I like what I see!!!!!!!

  18. Gail king is atrocious…her voice is so grating
    With all her $ you think she would buy a good wig..
    I cant wait for the divorce…
    That should be a howl..

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