Melania Trump takes on issue of e-cigarettes l ABC News

The first lady tweeted she is “deeply concerned” about the use of e-cigarettes by kids as the FDA issued a warning letter to e-cigarette company Juul.

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  1. Linear gbca is an injection given to people before undergoing an MRI exam. It deposits in the brain and has created a whole new disease. Your govt. Says so what even though macrocyclic gbca is eighty percent safer as it is more stable being an ionic compound.
    Ask your techs for macrocyclic gbca as they do in Europe.

  2. If they don't care about protecting people, they should loosen the rules on new cancer treatments for patients with nothing to lose. Like the viral treatments, etc . .

  3. Wish Obama can be are president again i felt safe

    Why not get rid of molesters murders all drugs cocain weed meth heroin bath saults weed should only be medical reason get rid of stuff that kills your brain cells or kill you gun safety maybe if we all stop hating on each other will all have better life’s don’t worry about going to school for someone to shoot it up don’t worry about walking on the streets get shot at don’t worry about going to church getting shot at don’t worry about getting food shot at like seriously think about we had a peaceful time I want a time machine I may be 15 but I love the 60s to 70s best musics cloths tv shows it’s saddens me that people rather be rich have awful life then poor having struggles but tried to make thru life can be a dream

  4. It's the THC vaping that's fucking these idiots up. What ever happened to smoking a bowl, or rolling a joint or blunt? Why the fuck you wanna vape THC you idiots? Then you come back after you get too much THC in your system and blame vaping as a whole.

    While I know vaping is bad for your health, it is obviously better for your health than cigarettes.

  5. How much of what's being said does melanie trump understand as she sits, in common trophy porno wife position? Considering her "be best" nonsensical slogan, and her absolute hypocrisy on cyber bullying, she should not open her mouth. Continue to let her staff post grammatical sentences. And the heavy accent, the lack of education. Oh well, consider the husband.

  6. I wonder how much big tobacco money is behind this? Cigarettes have literally killed millions of people, vaping has helped many people stop smoking.

  7. Everyone worry about smoking cigarettes we all going to die doesn't mean by smoking I can go outside & get hit by a bus wake up & I wouldn't smoke E cigarettes gross!

  8. Vaping has been around for years. It's obviously the THC cartridges that people get off the street. Nobody should be Vaping anyways

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