MIT media lab director Joichi Ito resigns over ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Joichi Ito, the director of an influential academic center at MIT, resigned Saturday over his ties to convicted pedophile and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. According to a bombshell New Yorker investigation, the MIT media lab received at least $7.5 million from Epstein and Ito would allegedly ask that the donations were counted as anonymous.


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  1. MIT and Epstein…..hmmm, was MIT providing tech assistance in the blackmailing side of Epstein's business……helping spy MIT ??? And in exchange for some vile partying ??? Liberal liberal agendas may soon be exposed….

  2. "Jeffrey Epstein died BY suicide last month." wow, media CBS, you know more than we know? Cuz "suicide" isn't definitive, but YOU keep saying it and act like WE believe you.

  3. You control people, by giving money to people. Not universities. It's cheaper than kidnapping nuclear scientist's. And You want them to believe you're sane, right? Most people understand government control. Even if we disagree with methods. As long as we believe they are sane. And sanity is not always the case.The faculty at MIT isn't paranoid enough to run a daycare center.

  4. This is not about the money Epstein gave to MIT. Those amounts of money are not worth their trouble. They would have said thanks, but no thanks "small change". People were bribed. This is about the money secretly given to individuals in exchange for their silence. Big people hand little people envelopes of money. We may never be able to prove it. But it's fairly obvious that's what happened. A simple deal with the devil. Our little secret.

  5. Notice how we are not hearing about it much in the news any more… I guess they were right about the "suicide"… it would shut things up…

  6. Besides misleading the university, Joi flatly lied in public about the extent of his contacts with Jeff, when their ties came out. Why should we believe his claims about the New Yorker's "factual errors"?

  7. Please, Jeff did not die "by suicide". It was alleged suicide — alleged by a Justice Department that had obvious strong interest to offer that conclusion. The circumstances of his death were quite anomalous, and absolutely no evidence was made public — no photos of the body in the cell, no videos, no testimonials, no autopsy images…

  8. What better way to honor Jefferey Epstein’s life than to continue utilizing the funds he generated as a labor of love for MIT. ❤️

  9. These globalists, these deep staters, these pedophiliacs are only subsidiaries of larger and darker organization. In time we will learn that the source of these sick subsidiaries is a very old and very organized occult. In time we will learn that luciferianism is not a story that we have been led to believe is novelty. In time we will learn that luciferian is the foul plague that has encompassed our reality.

  10. Once again, a MSM organization, in this case CBSN, continues to spew the same unsubstantiated story claiming that Epstein died of "suicide". Where is the proof of that??? If he actually committed suicide then it would have been blatantly obvious as to how he actually managed to do it and it's quite preposterous to conceive of how he "could" have done it. This entire Epstein story is a total crock of crap. The ruling elites will continue to bury this story until it goes away. It brings back memories of how the MSM was used to HIDE the scientific proof that 9/11 had to have been an inside job. America is finished. Don't EVER give up ANY of your weapons……one day you will need them.

  11. OK-I get it.Taking money from this scumbag was a no no.BUT,should they not be going after those many people who actually participated in the helping/acting along with Epstein in his activities? That is where the focus should be no matter who it ends up getting.If they went along with Epstein in his little party games take them out.He did not act alone.He had helpers (women so damn sad) and those men that had no problem associating with him and having sexual acts with underage girls.

  12. When people realize how far the Epstein rabbit holes goes, there will be mass outrage and riots. Epstein had ties to well known people involved in every facet of this nation. From the church, to hollywood , to corp ceo's and to politics. Thats why the list will never be known, and if it ever is, it will be grossly incomplete. The next person down from epstein who knew all the people involved was Ghislaine. Look to see her mysteriously die soon if Barr gets his hands on her.

  13. They took money from epstien because in order to run a science lab it cost a LOT of money. Itos motive was for the continuation of his research and to complete out the success of his work why does a man have to resign his long and hard worked project just because he took money that was offered to him from a not so favored person in the media?

  14. It's not going to help anyone's social credit score to criticize scientists, who are researching the phenomena of sanity. The government can't really do anything until they understand what makes people act that way.

  15. we need to stop the election until we know who is connected to EpsteinAmerica needs to know who raped kids and who is connected to them  before we vote for anyonehow would you feel if you funded kids being hurt I don't care how high it goes this has to stop it is the worst thing you can do on the planet the people that did it /the people that covered it up /and the people that knew about it and did nothing all of them need to be punished

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