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  1. My. view : if some adults consent knowingly and freely to that life style and if it is safe and all are treated properly and cared for … their choice … as long at they don t go too far in the number of wives and children and they do not expect other to do the same and help them raising their kids…. to make it a religious obligation or a norm …. no way

  2. Polygamy is not a modern lifestyle. It has been exist more than 1400 years ago. For Americans, its a human right to choose the polygamy. They should not be jailed or convicted to crime because America gave a right for homosexual to get marry why not give the rights of polygamy.
    David Wood must see this video so his eyes openly wide that polygamy is not just about religious. David, Stop spread hate to Islam who permitted the polygamy. Look for yourself, its happening in America though they are not muslims. Respect their decision and its their rights.

  3. Listen if they are all consenting legal adults that’s their business…I don’t particularly agree but hey everyone has a right to live the way they want to.

  4. You guys think that's all fine and dandy but I tell you what there is consequences that come from everything you do and they will come from this trust me

  5. It's all B.S there is a no Difference going to swinger club _ & banging 3 wives is close to god .yeah just admit u like having sex group sex ..

  6. Make it legal, people should be free ,who I am to tell them how to live. Hell I have had three wife's just not at the same time. Does anyone know why they all seem to have such large families?

  7. I'm all in for adult choise but I really don't think they are setting up the best role model for their daughters. They are suppose to not be selfish and share a man wile at the same time they as women can not have many husbands. I really find it disturbing that a man can think he is a good person and jet act in that way.

  8. Why would anyone want to share EVERYTHING with other people? How do these men talk women into doing this dumb shit, are they that insecure? There's no true faith in this marriage, marriage is between one woman and one man only! I guess I'm selfish.

  9. This is part of Mormonism , and doctrine 132 still states they will have many wives in heaven etc.
    the whole thing is nuts and it’s all about sex and a religion which is created around making that possible.
    Show me some non Mormon polygamists

  10. Does this man, or his wives have a job? I wonder if the children will go to college? There would be some serious debt, from all the student and bank loans. I would be upset, if their college was paid for by the tax payers. I have 2 kids, and we saved and invested our money to pay for their education. I have TWO kids, because we can provide them with a good life, and a great education. My children are our responsibility, not the tax payers!

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