Muhammad Ali Funeral | Bill Clinton's Remarks

Bill Clinton gives a eulogy at Muhammad Ali’s Memorial Service | The former president said he was “weeping like a baby” while watching Ali.

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  1. I feel sorry for Mr.Clinton he didn’t deserve what happened to him, he was and will be remembered as great president and person .

  2. The very last person I would want at my funeral. Too bad he wasn't wearing a blue dress and smoking a cigar. I wonder how much he charged the family for his appearance?

  3. He was poisoned by the US Gov't because they were terrified of him. He could have become president or just a massively popular political influence. They had to silence him because he was very articulate and intelligent and a GREAT talker. So they didn't kill him like they had been everyone else, they just made sure he couldn't talk anymore.

  4. He gave us all the grand tour of this world by proxy. Every win was our win; and every loss was our loss. When you add all the things together which he gave to us, the sum simply equals one thing: Love. And one last thing that sums up what I feel he really was: He was beautiful. RIP Muhammad Ali. You shall be missed.

  5. not only the greatest champion in the ring but the greatest champion of hearts and minds in the whole wide world.may allah bless him and reward him in heavan

  6. These polatians are responsible for many many deaths of millions of children men and women through out the whole world. Bill Clinton does not deserve to stand up there.. These are selfish people and murders. .. This idiot bill Clinton doesn't speak up about the white police men who have recently been killing black innocent people in America for nothing. … God dam every polatian in America. .. Pack of murders

  7. cultural opponents of Mohammad Ali (mostly the panicking demonic jews, not the normal jews) poured millions of dollars into the opponents of Ali to defeat him, and therefore Islam, in the ring but he kept knocking out his opponents. When this failed they injected Ali with a chemical causing his illness and asked him to do the decon cockroach killer commercial to assure the panicking demonic jews that he has been sprayed with chemicals and his supporters will be sprayed with chemical weapons. This is what clinton in this video is trying to say at 4:40.

  8. You people think those Crocodile Tears were for Ali…..just for votes for Hillary and you blacks are taken in again by the Clinton's and one time even old Bill said that (Obama would be serving him Coffee at one time)..Wake up homey's…!

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