Multiple passengers struck with mystery illness on flight

Cleveland Airport officials told ABC News they are checking water fountains at the airport as a precaution after six passengers fell ill on a Frontier Airlines flight from Cleveland to Tampa.


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  1. Don’t tell me this I’m planning on traveling this month 🤦‍♀️ I’m have to go covered up from my mouth and nose cause u just never know what type of virus ppl can have

  2. All of human history has led to this moment, the irony is we created you and nature has been punishing us ever since, this is our last stand and if we lose it will become, a planet of apes

  3. Hey, Trumpturds, this is Trump's Fault!
    Donald Putin Gutted the EPA!
    So you MAGATurds do NOT get to complain when
    you get sick from any Oversight Agency being Gutted.

  4. If airports don't want to spend the money to guarantee clean drinking water / water fountains that work (have seen this all over the USA) then they need to stop taking away people's water at security. There are some models where it has a separate nozzle for your water bottle, has stickers about the purification process etc…Then you have places where they intentionally turn down the pressure of the fountain so that you cannot fill a bottle. The water sometimes has dense calcification and visible particulates. It is almost like the bottled water companies incentivize it! Systemic cause of this story worth looking into?

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