Murdered woman found bound in a suitcase identified

The woman, whose body was found in Greenwich, Connecticut, has been identified as Valerie Reyes, 24, of New Rochelle, New York, officials said.


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  1. They really shouldn’t show the footage of the suitcase containing her body. I don’t care that it’s blurred out….it is disturbing, and is so disrespectful to her and her family.

  2. Oh my God what a horror story huh I just when something like this happens we don't have the words we just don't and I just hope that they did not suffer I hope their body went into shock to what they didn't feel anything that's that's all I can pray for and may they rest in peace and the sorry son of a b** that did such a horrible thing I do hope they catch them.

  3. Poor woman – didn't get to live her life, was just getting started really. Condolences to her family and friends. What a horrible image to have to deal with for the rest of their lives – their child folded into a suitcase. I hope they get the guy or guys who did this. Unfortunately, their police force isn't very good with solving murders – Martha Moxley and Matthew Margolies among them. Michael Skakel (Ethel Kennedy's nephew) was convicted for Moxley's murder but he is free. Strange justice for the rich and influential.

  4. this was my best friends sister…💔 so many people around me are dying and it’s sad to know that I hope nothing happens to my family.

  5. Nothing is hidden from God..the Lord our God knows exactly who did this to this woman..and the Lord will avenge her blood.."Vengeance is mine..saith the Lord!!"

  6. More and more murdered women found, this is emergency alert to women in America! We still can't find the missing girl who just born twins four weeks ago!

  7. You have to be a pretty sick person to murder someone and stuff their body in a suitcase. I’m tired of being in this world. I can’t wait until Jesus takes me out.

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