NASA says the moon is shrinking and experiencing "moonquakes"

NASA says the moon is shrinking and it may be creating so-called “moonquakes.” Scientists say the moon’s interior is cooling and causing it to shrivel up like a raisin. The shrinking has caused ridges on the moon’s surface called “thrust faults” — where one section of crust is pushed up over a neighboring part. Scientists now believe those faults are to blame for the tremors.


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  1. Also Corey NASA saw what happened 2 the tiles on the Columbia they said there was no retrieval plan maybe they can develop it before they go again maybe greed won't get in the way did reputation is quite soiled

  2. I am entitled to my opinion I don't have to like your opinion but I wasn't being insulting you were I've read the literature NASA knew about the effect icy weather would have on the o rings Engineers warned them and they went ahead it's called greed mister

  3. CBS news, you just report anything come from NASA regardless of substance. That make it propaganda not news. They do not know internal structure of moon, how it formed or it’s evolution. Their understanding is fiction, agreed assumption with few picture to connect it to reality. I have told them Moon is geologically active now. Their ignorant of mechanism behind it lead to fictionalize story. Don’t get me wrong they are very good at reinventing wheels. They are happy to use my information sent to them by GCHQ & NSA, So I stopped. Thomas R. Watters senior scientist at the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum just like other scientist have no clue about internal structure of Earth and mechanism behind geological activity and they have been too stupid to ask officially past 44 years. How could they know the moon. next time call it space fairy tail not news. MG1

  4. I wonder if any or all of the many objects we humans crashed into the moon had mercury in the instruments they carried. Just found out that mercury bonds with certain metals in a sort of cannibalistic way. Maybe it is shrinking because some mercury landed on it.

  5. I never told anybody this, but a thousand years ago I used to look up at the moon and dream about being an astronaut. I just didn't have the grades, nor the physical endurance. Plus I threw up a lot and nobody liked spending a week with me.

  6. The truth is they should have stopped the launch that they were too greedy not my information and Engineers information they didn't listen to him they didn't want to they were losing money over life of the astronauts I happen to be new to YouTube I don't have to make any excuses

  7. All celestial mass bodies have the ability to generate quakes. The larger the mass body, the greater the chance for quakes.
    The Earth alone averages tens of thousands of earthquakes, of varying intensities, each year.These quakes are the result of its consistent force of gravitational acceleration on the mass, whose intensity is based on its mass density. The greatest gravitational force is expressed from within the center of mass, where the density is the greatest.Increase the density of a mass and you increase the probability for quakes. A spinning mass provides for an even greater probability of quakes, as the varying stratified layers of the mass are massaged into place as the mass body attempts to adapt to the gravitational forces being applied to it.As science fiction imitates science fact, you can gain a greater appreciation of what it would be like to live on the moon through reading the epic novel, ‘Shadow-Forge Revelations’.

  8. We really need to get Neil DeGrasse Tyson here to put some science on all these idiots that think it's impossible to know how big the moon was before we starting measuring it. Do religious nuts just come to any recently posted video about anything scientific and start denying everything in a way that basically amounts to saying "I don't understand it so it must not be true". See: Argument from incredulity.

    It's baffling to me how people would want to display their own intellectual disability on the internet for the world to see but they do it every day.

  9. Can't believe NASA. Blue Marble pictures by NASA. Neil deGrasse Tyson says the Earth looks like a pear. Another scientist from India says the Earth looks like a potato.
    That means the NASA pictures are fake. So you cannot believe anything NASA says.

  10. That’s ok because now that people want to return to the moon, they will inevitably leave a bunch of crap on the surface which will help beef it up a bit.

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