New details on relationship between former teacher and missing student

Newly-uncovered deleted email drafts between Tad Cummins, 50, and Elizabeth Thomas, 15, showed a romantic relationship between the two, according to investigators.


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  1. The girl was sprung on her teacher that paid attention to her, they ran off together. Groom shmoom, Lotta speculation goin on here. Excusing her behavior. She knew what she was doing. Having an adventure, face on tv, lots of sympathy from people that don't know her. ..and no punishment, while dude gets crucified.

  2. Hey! Idiot Americans! In the rest of the world a 15 yr old isn't a "child". PEDO means pre-adolescent. And thanks to the Internet most teenage girls are more sexually knowledgeable and experienced than most men over the age of 40.

  3. Hey! Idiot Americans! In the rest of the world a 15 yr old isn't a "child". PEDO means pre-adolescent. And thanks to the Internet most teenage girls are more sexually knowledgeable and experienced than most men over the age of 40.

  4. these cops aren't working harder to look for those missing teens. they haven't found not one girl from Washington DC. they didn't look well for more advidence the first time

  5. Most men in America are coward perverted losers. They will take advantage of to get their hands on any girls , whether under 18 , who seem vulnerable. And youtube is full of them who are defending one of their own. This ugly old bastard took advantage of his status as a teacher to have somewhat control of the little girl.

  6. Little white hoes go around deliberately flirting, fucking, and running away with their teachers and the country goes crazy. Little black girls are snatched off the streets and sold into sex trafficking rings against their will and not even a 5 minute coverage on the news. smh.

  7. Seems like a normal elopement for a couple whose relationship is not allowed. So, even though she is probably alive and well her family will never see her again as the 2 of them hide their identities for life.

  8. Don't believe the family. The situation there came to a head like a pimple and burst wide open. She couldn't take it no more and left and Tad was the easy way out. Yes it shows Tad owns some guns so that makes him armed and dangerous? Come on people, wake up. She left on her own, wasn't kidnapped. Its a romance, plain and simple. Would there be as much focus if she was a black female? I don't think so. I agree with others, the family are horrible actors. Lets look into the parents relationship with her. The cops are focusing on the final act but not looking into what led up to her running off with this man. I agree he should have not left with her but lets look into his failed marriage shall we?

  9. I'm tired of hearing the word kidnapped and abducted that's not what happened, yes she's 15 she still thinks she's in the right (everyone who's been 15 knows that feeling) she loves an older man and he loves her. Lets stop wasting so much time, energy and man power for a domestic issue between her and her parents and him and his soon to be ex wife. I'm sure everyone still remembers Mary Kay Letourneau and her student, they are married and living happily ever after. Stop spending tax payer money on this crap, NO ONE CARES NEWS/MEDIA!!!!

  10. I think she is safe, not emotionally. I do not think a certified teacher who has been working with children his whole life would actually kill a child or sell her or anything. I do think he could be obsessed with her, and maybe raping her, but I think she is going to live and survive. She just has to find a way to escape from him, if she regrets her choices yet.

  11. I think the family is lying because evidence shows that they were in a romantic relationships and the video of them together in the store shows that she was walking with him and the emails they sent back and forth so I think the family's lying

  12. these teachers/coaches keep abusing their authority. There needs to be better screening on ppl who interact with children. There's women and men abusing kids out here, idc if she went willingly, shes only 15 her brain isnt fully developed as of yet.

  13. Thanks Kate, let's not play with this thow, u know, I know and everyone else knows
    who has a real heart, and that's a real human being, unless otherwise, know that all these evil practices have to stop and there is 2 much of it going on.
    This is a kid ok, want a real education. Color dosen't matter, and look he's a teacher, that's very dangerous, psychologi mentally unstable etc,
    Most importantly let's get this little girl home,
    VERY EVIL!!!

  14. Emily spears got FUCKED and pregnant by 23 years old man and no say a single fuck AND SHE WAS 14 , people should mind their own fucking business this a couple that wants to be alone they are in love can you FUCKING UNDERSATND THAT THEY LOVE EACH OTHER

  15. it happens at least once a year in maury county. last year the girl was someone from my NJROTC class who had run away with her boyfriend to Alabama

  16. Sad!! He needs prison and that little girl needs therapy. I pray for a safe return for all missing children, especially those little girls in DC!!

  17. just out of curiosity i wonder if the genders were reversed a female teacher and a 15 year old boy that it would get as much coverage in the news

  18. There are way too many teachers having inappropriate relationships with their students. And the female teachers are just as bad. Harsher punishments need to be in place

  19. She will return home. She will have the moment she be clear headed and want to return. When she and he get into a fight because they use up all the money yep that when they will be seen. Every teen aloud to be young and dumb once in their life and he just long for the ride. But hey if the girl ever see this go home he is not worth it trust me grow up slow and have a teen life first your going to regret not been a teen latter on in life if you act like an adult now this is your time to have fun with friends and family when you become an adult you have work and or school and car payment and husband and kids and more responsibilities that your going to be like I wish I was a teen again don't make the mistake of becoming an adult b4 you actually have to

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