On pardon question, White House says Trump has not done anything wrong

President Trump claims he could pardon himself, but the White House says he does not have to use that power because he hasn’t done anything wrong. Elana Schor from Politico joins CBSN to explain what it all means.

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  1. It was stupid for Giuliani to even talk with a hack like Stephanopoulos … someone with zero journalistic creditability. There is NO CRIME to pardon himself from. Mueller and his team of Democrats have spent 20 million dollars trying to find a crime and still none exist.

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  3. This nonsense about Trump pardoning himself is just a way for Trump's advocates to test the political waters and see whether Congress and the public would tolerate a self-pardon by a crook. Trump may believe the Dept. of Justice cannot touch him, no matter what US laws he breaks, but many members of Congress believe otherwise. A self-pardon would be the equivalent of an admission of guilt. Trump and his advocates have not thought this through. If Trump starts firing people in the Dept. of Justice in order to appoint someone who will fire Mueller, this will be a highly public form of obstruction of justice. And Congress, the body that appointed Mueller to conduct the investigation, will not be pleased with Trump. The least damaging thing Trump can do right now is to just ignore Mueller's investigation and get on with presidential business. But we know Trump just cannot leave this alone. Trump knows Mueller's investigators now have lots of proof of Trump's wrong-doing and it just a matter of time before Mueller sends a report to Congress. Is there already a sealed indictment against Trump? Will the indictment be unsealed the moment Trump is out of office? Trump is acting like he knows the walls are closing in on him and he has no where to run.

  4. Under Article II, Section 2 of the constitution, the president can pardon eccept incases of impeachment. If the House impeaches Herr Trump, he cannot pardon himself. The Senate can remove Herr Trump from office, but if he sought to pardon himself, ot undo the Senate's power, he would be seeking to destroy the power of the Senate…

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