Pelosi says Trump impeachment 'just not worth it'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi broke from other Democrats more eager to consider impeachment proceedings.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opposes impeaching President Donald Trump as too divisive: ‘He’s just not worth it’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was quoted Monday as saying she is not in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump, breaking from other Democrats who are eager to exercise their constitutional power to oust the president from office.

In an exclusive interview with the Washington Post’s Joe Heim, Pelosi said Trump is “just not worth it.”

“I’m not for impeachment,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said. “This is news. I’m going to give you some news right now because I haven’t said this to any press person before.”


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  1. The reason that I think that most of the opposition is afraid to impeach Trump is because Donald Trump got information on most of these Wealth Senior politicians who has corruption and doubts there names when it comes to there wealth and assets.

  2. Reality politics tv, "drama before the fight" makes more attention than the actual event. There never was a plan for a blood bath, just a Drama performance of STAGED OPPOSITION acting on platform to pander. Nothing is real. The real agenda is hidden much deeper. Couldn't be more apparent, ffs… McGregor and Mayweather

  3. Dont get rid of a huge problem dividing the lower classes because we don't want to upset the corporate classes…. I see you Pelosi, fake opposition. I SEE YOU

  4. Look its just not the democratic party that wants him out there are Republicans also involved in not going forward with the presidents ideas. And another thing not all democrats are the same. New political views are changing very rapidly where now there are democrats that represent similar ideas that are close to what Republicans have in mind but that's another topic. It really gets me going when both political parties act like animals and don't lead by example for all of us citizens.

  5. Impeach Trump and again throw the country away to the liberals. Permit me to say that every time we have a liberal President the US goes into a recession. I never did the US doesn't need liberals. They have a purpose also. Even if only in checks and balances in Congress. But there's more. I just think the liberals should change their agenda from only attacking Trump to working with Trump for some of their own agenda. Because the whole gov't comes to a standstill on agenda. That's why the left and the right are butting heads. And on points like the wall coming to terms is a simple resolution. Gov't doesn't work one – sided. If the left and the right never agree nothing will ever be accomplished. A word to the wise. Never let the obvious escape you. Don't overlook the obvious.

  6. Politics is Hollywood for the ugly no other reason to care about this ole bag….who got jfk s speech mixed up by asking what the country can do for her…a sprawling vineyard and millions

  7. I’m a Democrat , we’ve got more than two years invested in getting him out of office, what’s wrong with her ? Did she take a payoff from moneybags Trump , or is she one of Vladimir’s assets also ? Where’s Hillary ? We need Hillary ! H I L L A R Y ! where are the celebrities ,what are they thinking , Ellen is getting separated , I’m so confused ! RUSSIA…RUSSIA no matter what Mueller says…..Auntie Maxine..what do we do now ?

  8. Demodonkey's should'v kept their mouths shut about impeachment until they actually had anything on him. As allways they come to conclusion far too quickly.

  9. Haven't even watched it. It just means they dont have shit! She isn't worried about division, she is a huge part of the divide. If you believe this twat you are foolish. She realizes they screwed up and Trump gave them enough rope to hang themselves. Now they are walking it back before the 2020 election. Can't believe I have to hear 2 years about how you are gonna impeach him. Friends of mine screaming at me, are now saying the same shit pelosi is. Better start apologizing if you were an asshole to your conservative friends. Vice versa, this shit isnt worth arguing about. Love thy neighbor, not some false prophet or oppressor in DC or your State capital. These people's sole purpose is to keep us divided, or they would be out of work and likely in jail.

  10. Someone got to this bitch, this is exactly why she's not liked. Makes me sick and FYI no one wants you Biden your nothing more then a corporate puppet

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