Pelosi, Schumer slam Trump's "excuse" for bailing on infrastructure

Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer slammed the president for cutting a White House meeting on infrastructure short, citing ongoing investigations into his administration. CBS News’ Nancy Cordes and Ed O’Keefe have more on the latest developments.


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  1. this was miss nancy's way to keep Trump from accomplishing ""by making him mad over her comments"" anything which her and chucky knew before the meeting would give him points in the poll……all her and chuck believe in is and interested in is getting votes no matter how its done

  2. Omg… I can't even figure out what the tales from the crypt said!! I'm waiting for the dentures to be spurt out.. Dear Jesus do you democrats REALLY think this hag and the schumer spine are capable? They look and act disgusting… Bc they are EVIL.

  3. Somebody please assemble all of the data bit by bit that each person in the Democratic party has accomplished. From what I see, the bulk of the party's accomplishment is press conferences and coup actions.

  4. Listening to Frankenstein and his bride is difficult. They are not looking for common ground with President Trump to give him an opportunity to do anything.  The bride of Frankenstein accused the president of engaging in "a cover up, a cover up" moments prior to the meeting and then the paired freaks of creation mosey on to the White House for a meeting on infrastructure with expectations of cordiality, substance and production immediately after the insult. The Frankensteins of Congress are not looking out for America, the 2020 election is just around the corner and I don't believe the democrats will do well. .

  5. Hey, it's Nutty Nancy! Listen to her…..does she know this is 2019??? She's as nutty as a fruitcake. BTW – Schumer looks exactly like the Mummy now. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

  6. So while you want Pres Trump to pass your bill, you're trying to impeach him. Why would he help you when you wouldn't give even a dollar for the wall. None of you really care about this country or our legal citizens. It's all about power and personal wealth. Go Bound Dirt!

  7. The men behind her appear embarrassed, even disgusted by Pelosi's performance. The short, bald guy is helping her get thru her speech.

  8. Get Trump out of the White House. We need to get back to normal. He is a mentally disturbed human being always lying, manipulating, deceiving. We don't need this. Nothing has been accomplished since he put himself in the White House with the help of Russia's Putin. All he has done is overspending our tax dollars and skyrocketing our budget. Get him out!

  9. Just not credible, sorry. When they try to fool the people – they should try harder

    If the democrats would believe in all those things; why is Americas infrastructure close to a 3-world country (yes, unfortunately quoting Trump) compared to Japan or Singapore or even huge parts of Europe? Wasn't there a democrat in the white house for a long period of time? Get up and just f** do it. It's not that hard. Even Trump can do it.

  10. Why should Trump do a god damn thing for you guys? By doing nothing, he can ride your current impeachment agenda through the 2020 elections and get rid of these creatures for good. That's definitely worth waiting a year on proper infrastructure spending. Not one that most certainly be poisoned this year with so many partisan pills it would guarantee a failure for America to spite Trump.

  11. You actually want the people to believe that Namcy, et al want to give DJT his signature infrastructure deal? Bwahahahaha…yeah, right!! Stop trying to convince us that we can take these politicians at their word!!

  12. you and Schumer are lying through your teeth Nancy. you say all this trash on how President Trump acted and screamed, and acted like an adolescent, yet everyone in the room counterdicts what you are saying. Their is said to even be a tape of what happened in the office. Ooops, you two are caught up lying to make yourself look like the better halves here, when it comes out, you are the ones being trashed by your own lies…Time you All, democrats, just start doing your jobs and support the President…

  13. These two alwayss complaining trump just stop with this empeaching him.stop all this sh…we americians are sick and tire of democrat just stop all this crap.trump is sick of hearing that stuff democrates just stop.

  14. Omg this woman has some serious brain trauma or something. I wanted to listen, I tried to listen but shes so forgetful and hard to listen to, I had to stop. These people are insane.

  15. LoL, I just kept hearing the waaaa, waaaa ,waaaa of Charlie Browns teacher while she was talking. Couldn't listen to schummers BS.

  16. Chunky, President Trump added jobs thus getting people off the welfare your dimwitcrats put them on. Growth under barryo was 1% and under President Trump 3%. Pelosi your state is falling apart under your dimwitcrat leadership. President Trump has declared a National Emergency over the border when 10,000 come in every week. This reporter (?) is biased get rid of him. This investigation has cost tax payers $23 million so Polident Pelosi there's where the money went.

  17. Right. But you have done nothing for 2 years now. Yea y'all know all about how those pre-printed signs come about.

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