Pence details plan for potential new branch of the military: Space Force

The president has asked supporters to vote for their favorite Space Force logo.

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  1. why are the only people who support having a Space Force….

    the same moronic people that don't even believe in Science.

  2. It's about focus and budget expense. You can't just spend money without approval. Ppl talking and saying that this idea is stupid needs to put the phone down and quit speaking. That's like leaving your Mercedes door unlocked and acting like someone won't steal it.Protect what we have and be grateful to be an American

  3. When Klendathu sends its bugs, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending ladybugs. They’re sending bugs that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing asteroids. They’re bringing meteors. They’re poisonous. And some, I assume, are brain bugs.

  4. Joking aside, and that's hard to do in this case, maybe someone should remind them that there is a 1967 treaty that puts limits on what you can do militarily in space.

  5. Space Force.. Ridiculous.
    Unless he straps himself to a 🚀 and blasts off into the sun, who cares?! We all know it's just a distraction tactic aimed at his gullible, uninformed kool aid drinkers.
    Trumps administration can't even get a handle on affairs on the ground.

  6. I think i've seen it all. I am from Belgium and I must honnestly say that this president should be locked up and be convicted for crimes against the planet. this guy is completely nuts. all the money he has spent on useless, ridiculous, retarded ideas ould really make this world better. is it not more imporant to help fight the hunger and poverty in the world, to try to end attacks on nature ,…. in my languish…. gatachterlijke zot

  7. He has got to know people from all over the world are laughing at him? This idiotic, even for him. You know it's bad when the Trump cheerleaders at Fox have a hard time keeping a straight face and not laughing talking about Trump's so-called "Space force". To infinity and Beyond!

  8. The military already watch for threats in space, so why spend more money that's is not needed and maybe boost funding to govt dept, so they can run proper departments on a proper budget not a budget they have to scrape every dollar for. Common sense but that's to easy for this govt. Trump really wants to divide and destroy America before he leaves office.

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