Pete Buttigieg delivers speech on foreign policy and national security

The 2020 presidential candidate spoke at Indiana University on Tuesday.

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  1. Wake up you moron democrats. Only 1 will be nominated out of 23 running for president, at least 20 has zero chance. Run for SENATE seats. Take the Senate back. Everything goes thru this present Republican Senate. Treasonous Trump will lose against any Dem.

  2. Iraq terrorists are better than those people, Iraq terrorists never took over the state and federal governments, they never overtook the USA, those gang criminals did.

  3. Twerp could gag a maggot . Leftist – Socialust in drag . 🤮 all you Dumbacrats send your hard earned money to him / her and watch the “ thrill” drift away . Go for it ! 🖕🏽💩

  4. Wow, I had almost forgot what presidential sounded like, it having been replaced by the random screeching of a baboon for the last 2 years.

  5. Presidential. Every time I hear this man, I'm more convinced that he is the best hope for our country. Brilliant, unflappable, and he served in the military.

  6. So full of gaity Butt. So you don't like the letters President Trump shares communication with North Korea. I guess you're kind of weekly kind of guy that President Obama shared well I don't know if they were love letters or they were ladders where is terrorist leadership in Iran. Oh yeah maybe I should mention a hundred and fifty billion dollars as well so letters one thing but a hundred and fifty billion, come on butt face you're making an ass out of yourself.

  7. Sooo oppositie of Trump. This guy has my vote – smart, clear, balanced – hopefully the Dem Party won't block his ascendancy. Maybe Warren as VP. Biden has the popularity right now, but he is too close to Clinton – just the older generation that does not seem to get the urgency of some key issues.

  8. can you imagine having a president that knows what hes talking about, stays on topic, and can actually finish a thought? let alone make salient points the whole time. what a magical universe that would be. too bad we will probably end up with another septuagenarian instead but ahh to dream…

  9. We've been watching Mayor Pete for months and he is one heck of a smart guy, calm, intelligent, well informed. He moved very quickly in the polls with his message and character. MAYOR PETE #2020

  10. Promising peace only to deliver war (if elected). Same-o, Same-o. I'd vote for the war candidate next time, but you can't MAKE it rain by washing your car. Murphy's law is not recursive.

  11. ⭐️⭐️Intelligent, articulate, educated, mature, experienced, respected, ex military, well spoken, respectful Presidential Candidate 2020 Mayor Pete Buttigieg!!
    ⭐️⭐️Vote Pete Buttigieg or any other democrat for President of USA 2020 !!!
    ❌Let's kick Corrupt Liar Mental insecure trump (putin's puppet) out of the White house 2020!
    ⭐️Vote Mayo Pete 2020⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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