Pilot shares story of survival after crash into Canadian wilderness l ABC News

Matt Lehtonin’s plane slammed between two trees on a mountainside after it began to lose power en route to Quebec City.

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  1. Smell a rat.
    You crash in the forest and the first thing you do is document your crash, put the phone on the ground to film yourself? Seriously? I hope you're smarter than that guy.
    Would you do that? You wouldn't unless you wanna sell your story which he did.

  2. Rescued after a whole 5 hours! And why was he walking around in bare feet? If my plane crashes in the middle of nowhere the first thing that wouldn't pop in my mind is to film everything; including sitting my phone/camera on the ground to capture myself doing stuff. Oh how social media has effed up our lives and priorities!!!!!

  3. He is not lucky to be alive, luck has nothing to do with it the reason he is alive is because he had the good sense to think and plan for what if’s such as this.

  4. Wow – having PTSD as my father and I crashed in a small plane just like this when I was 13 years old. We also crashed into a forest beside a lake in the Canadian wilderness. This footage is like taking the exact images from my memory and sharing it with the world. I was 13 years old when we crashed, and my dad 39. He was the pilot and did not survive. That was 32 years ago.

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