Police grow suspicious of missing nursing student Holly Bobo's brother: 20/20 Part 2

Eventually, Clint Bobo was cleared, and investigators turned their attention to Terry Britt, who was also later cleared.


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  1. I don't understand why the bf was never looked at even just to rule him out. Camo and his plan was to go hunting for the day according to mom? Like how is that unreasonable that he'd come over to the house in camo?

  2. I don’t see how the parents can stand by their son he may not have did it but he didn’t do anything to stop it I mean you allowed your sister to walk in the woods with someone you gave no idea who it is I mean seriously 😐

  3. Her brother literally let that man take his sister. He saw him take her and didn’t do shit he didn’t run after her or anything he’s a coward and he should be held more responsible cuz he saw it happen and didn’t do shit I guarantee he could have saved her

  4. This Clint guy should feel as bad as humanly possible. Your a piece of garbage to let your own sister walk into the woods with someone you THOUGHT was her boyfriend. Guess what? It wasn't her boyfriend and now she's dead!! Now, how do you feel? How do you feel that your own sister is dead and you did absolutely NOTHING to prevent it?! Your trash! Go jump off a bridge you piece of garbage waste of space!


  6. The brother did it,so many things that piece together that these "intelligent minds" seem to not get! So again the state failed another child.I mean:
    1) The neighbors heard her shouting,the brother in the same home didnt but heard the dog bark which woke him up
    2)He is putting far too much into descriptions of people,camo aswell? Good shout-stick to something as generic as that.
    3)He is a useless piece of shit
    4)He kept throwing the boyfriends name out on the phone to the mom and seemed calm whilst the mom was panicking.
    5)He is showing 0 emotion talking about his sister.Even the neighbors show more empathy

  7. Even though that peado was a suspect I could see it clearly wasn't him and they were right to take the cop off the case.
    After watching this I checked the updates and it was totally different people who were arrested and sent to prison for murder.
    Sometimes cops just want to concentrate on one person while the real killers go off free. Thankfully they arrested the right people in this case.

  8. man that brother failed at being a brother. you're supposed to protect your sister, not let her go away with some dude >.>

  9. White American folks are sick to the core. There is bad everywhere but this group are something else as their psychopathy cuts across every class (socio-economic/education).

  10. Man I remember running into my brother at mall me my husband had been fighting all and even on way to mall I had go mall return something then we we ran into my brother I'm trying play cool like I'm ok he like what matter what's up I smile and say nothing what you mean he said u my sister I know u like back of my hands and I know when something is not right with you….brother is guilty ppl

  11. Why wouldnt you come out and check on your sister if you thought she was fighting with her boyfriend??? He literally said he saw her on her knees. A good older brother protects his sister. Either Clint is a coward or Clint is a suspect

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