Police Look For Ways To Charge Teens Following Fatal Drowning

Police in Florida are looking for ways to charge five teenagers who taunted a drowning man. They shot video of his final moments, instead of helping to rescue him.


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  1. Heartless,scum!Soo sick of watching 2 weeks worth of teens like these guys,bucks county,phila.,Facebook rapists,on and on and on!!where are the adults in these kids lives????😣😥then when caught,oh they were such good boys..baloney.my children are good,when home…but..what happens when they go out?Wake up parents!!!know where they are,who they are with,set a curfew,check up on them when they are out..wait up til they get home..ah the good ole days,also our home now.dont be thier friends,be thier parents!!!

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