Police to make announcement in Indiana teen murder case

Police are planning to announce a “new direction” in the investigation of the deaths of Abby Williams, 13, and Libby German, 14, who were found near an Indiana hiking trail.


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  1. So glad they are still working on this case. I haven't forgotten what happened to these girls I know whoever did this will be brought to just ice

  2. It's enough to want to teach your poor kids to pack a gun for these innocuous adventures when someone wants to ruin everything.

  3. Usually murder suspects unless it’s a random crime are close to us. How the hell is this guy gonna be on the phone? Why is that all they have. This is a weird crime. Who were they meeting. How were they killed. It helps explain a lot. Nobody usually kills random girls. Unless it’s sexually motivated.

  4. They are going to release a new sketch of the coward that done this, I've already seen it and it looks nothing like the sketch we've already seen. This happened just 20 minutes away from where I live

  5. Please God help them get this monster off of the streets. I want to hunt him down myself. Killing little girls.😪 Poor babies must have been terrified. He's going to hell, God promised me.

  6. U guys said good morning America but unfortunately u guys are showing bad news.Program name should not be good morning America instead program name should be bad morning America

  7. Humanity is truly fucked , these twisted evil bastards who commit this abhorrent crimes , need to be publicly executed….they have no place in any civilised society…..and those that manage to avoid execution, should be put in a tiny cell with only a bed and a toilet , then the cell door needs to be welded shut ,and feed them ONLY nutraloaf and water , for the rest of their miserable existence..


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