Principal refused to let valedictorian give graduation speech

When Rochester, New York, teen Jaisaan Lovett graduated last month as his high school’s first black valedictorian, he prepared a speech β€” but he says the principal wouldn’t let him give it. Then the mayor stepped in and wanted to hear what he had to say.

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About the Author: Rafael



  1. great, just go on and excel do great things and may the principal learn principle and do what's right next time or just retire and go away.

  2. Do hard things young man , these are hard times right now, i am in my 60s and prejudice has reared it ugly head again. Stay strong study hard, do great things, we have a great culture, study our past .we have great people in our history but you will not hear of them on tv, people usally hire people who look like them unless you are the best in your field. When they go low we go high. Education is the key.

  3. Fire the principal already! I always thought the US is a modern, wealthy, free, and intelligent bunch of people. But then this…again. Grow up America. The world used to watch you with respect. Now, we watch you and cringe and wonder what happened

  4. I started this video angry but by the end I'm insirped. This kid will go on to do great things in life. Never let the hate promoted at this time in our country break you!

  5. This is just a propaganda piece. Why not interview the school about why he wasn’t allowed to speak? Do we not have news agencies anymore, or just Pravda?

  6. Why didnt they explain why the principle wouldn't let him give his speech?

    I am sure I must have missed something because a responsible, honest new station like CBS would CERTAINLY include BOTH sides of the story. Instead of deceptively only portraying one side.. right?

  7. Lesson: When you try to shut someone up you only make their voice louder. This young man was smart and determined enough to become valedictorian (not a small task). In America we honor our valedictorians by allowing them to give a speech at commencement (graduation) to the rest of the graduating class. The principal's actions here are inappropriate and he should be investigated. I would really like to know his excuse for denying a traditional honor to the top grad at his school. I am glad someone was willing to hear him and allow him to make his well earned speech.

  8. People like this principal…are why affirmative action is necessary…because without it, these are the types of people that won't admit minorities into universities!

  9. Shame on this principal. Although my education was full of horrible people like him. It is a crime teachers who have no business teaching are allowed to anyway.

  10. I wonder what the other side of the story is. It's too bad there isn't a career path for Professional Victims. The African-American community would have 0% unemployment.

  11. This kid is just terrible. He lives better than the vast majority of humans in human history. He lives better than most gumans alive today!

    Yet is he grateful? No. He hates you. He hates this nation. He hates anyone he perceives as marginally better off.

    Just watch out for people like this. Keep them out of your business or they will just cause hostility and division.

  12. Why is your race important? That makes you a racist. The school probably knew this kid was a disgusting racist. So that's why they stopped him.

    But they they should have let the racist speak. The American people need to wake up. There is a problem with racist and its blacks and latinos who are the racist.

  13. This is how white supremacy in education works to break the spirit of intelligent, hopeful Black students to dash their hopes about themselves and life. This principal must be held accountable in some way, shape or fashion. Who knows how many other students this principal has broken their spirit.

  14. It wasnt just YOUR graduation, you self centered fool. The principal was rightly looking out for all graduates and their families. But for you, "it's ALL about ME". Learn to be obedient, submissive to authority, genuinely think of others. You'll go farther and not end up another black on black violent statistic.

  15. I can't believe in this day and age that there are still schools in the US that attempt to control the actions and behaviors of students…


    This is race baiting. Nothing more. Whos to say the kid wasnt about to use this opportunity to protest one of the many fraudulent claims by the Left. Maybe the principal didnt want the baggage.

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