Red Sox icon David Ortiz takes first steps after shot in the back

His family said he will have to spend several days inside the intensive care unit of a Boston hospital after being ambushed at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic.




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  1. Really a shame Ortiz is a great man who cares too much for everyone in the Dominican Republic,Boston,and the world really glad he’s ok and gonna make a recovery because I grew up watching him and always looked up to him

  2. I think the shooter should get a sex change, make him wear a wedding dress in high heels, tie him up against a tree and let the saint quentin inmates rape him.

  3. I hate the Redsox because i am a Yankees fan. This is fucked up yo. Get well soon. 2019 is a fucked up year for rappers n athletes.

  4. The real story is in D R they are killing black people there on vacation. Dont go to D R if yoy are wise.

  5. My prayers for his family members and his wife.

    This Sucks that he got shoot by Thug.

    my prayers to his family and Mr. Ortiz hopefully he gets better from this incident and hopefully he gets help with his marriage, also prayers for he can walk normal and do normal duties as a husband and father.

  6. You need to get the accomplice or the shooter of course but who put out the contract need to find out who put out the contract

  7. They have a motive and his wife and mistress was fighting in the hospital and it was said the shooter was beaten and arrested and then the reporter lies and says we know the shooter is still out there #Fakenews

  8. This is why once you make money you cannot go back to the hood or a third world country. I am well off and live all around the world. I cannot live in Nigeria, Mexico, and the Philippines. I needed a bodyguard everywhere I went, and no one really knew I had money. Everyone knows David Ortiz. When I go home to Chicago, I don’t go back to the South Side or West Side. when I go back to East St Louis, I stay in downtown St. Louis and visit during the day. Downtown St. Louis is dangerous during the night. David has enough money to put a hit on these guys entire gang and family members. You have to eliminate that group of people. That’s what is wrong with America to liberal. That’s why I’ve in Singapore now, don’t have to deal with this kind of crap. Wish the best for Big Papi.

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