Ron Miscavige Says Son Changed After Joining Scientology: Part 2

David Miscavige’s father said after he joined “Sea Org,” he could see things were different between them.


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  1. How many Scientologists does it take to change a light bulb? Two. One to source an expensive new bulb with weaknesses and another to tell the world how shit the old bulb was.

  2. Scientology is a sick cult from HELL. Hubbard was a sick weirdo that died of a stroke. A sick Cult that plays on the mind. Hubbard himself was a weirdo who wrote sci fi books and himself suffered for depression !!

  3. USA how were they able to convince your government to be recognized as a legitimate religion and be tax exempt?! That made them even stronger financially and increase their clout.

  4. God is taking down false religions and these leaders who lead people astray are gonna face judgement day that will lead them straight into the lake of fire..

  5. A religion founded by a sci fi writer? A religion founded on sci fi literature? Religious leaders living in shameless luxury? What the hell is this world coming to anyway!!!

  6. Scientology is a money machine period and if you try to mess with their billions they will make you disappear like Mrs. Shelly Miscavige's wife did. She has't been seen since 1996 I believe.

  7. That enormous celebration … with the waving flags … Look familiar? Where have you seen this before? … North Korea? … Communist China? … Russia … ?

  8. No,, that is actually wrong.. he was not a science fiction writer – he was a researcher… that wrote sci-fictions novels to Finance his Research.. travelling around the world studying native traditions and beliefs.  Acutally… do not Connect Huibbard to what the organization is NOW… it has been totally taken over – and Hubbard would turn around in his grave…
    Hubbard was actually a very interesting and Bright man….. but… everything ORGANIZED is destroyed by the organization.. At least that is my impression and belief.

    that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can
    control anybody is to lie to them."
    -L. Ron Hubbard

  10. He wasnt even a war hero . If you have to work for the church when you doe where is L ron hubbers new body ? Her eyes give yer away . Why does he have all those medals .

  11. I believe Scientology is BS and these people need help but I want to go hold the cans for fun. Cults are so interesting to me!

  12. I love how David doesn't say oh the government now recognizes us as a religion but instead says oh we are tax exempted! How stupid of the government to give this cult a tax exemption! Idiots are everywhere!

  13. The founder is a scientific author lol. And people believe in his crap lol. I wonder what would happen if the harry potter writer made a cult…oh, I mean church 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️

    I'm thinking of starting a church. There's good money in it. Ijs

  14. R.H took this people for his personal adventure and fun like a 10 year old would take you outside his yard and play star trek r.h had a imagination of a 10 year old and this people got trapped in it.

  15. In order for the Church of Scientology to achieve tax-exempt status I imagine when the break in occurred there had to be some documents taken that would have put the government in a position to give Scientology their status under duress or be blackmailed


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  17. If America were to be nuked in World War 3, I'm pretty sure the enemies would have respect for all the normal citizens and make the "Ground-Zero" point the Church of Scientology.

  18. DM reminds me of Himmler. H. Himmler was also a sickly , short child who was no doubt bullied. When Hitler came along Himmler went crazy with power, ran the ruthless SS and other horrifying secret police organizations and took his revenge upon on the powerfuless. Monsters, both.

  19. If Hubbard intended Miscabbage to be his successor, why there is no document about it in existence? And it`s Hubbard we talk about who documented even how windows have to be washed in the scio organisations. Because there is none. He ASSUMED leadership. One eyed man in the land of blinds

  20. If this faith healing is true they should be going round the Hospitals and Healing everyone. One should not have to join a Religion to help.people. The ones st the top love the power of it all. The head is as much use as a Chocolate fire guard lol

  21. so, scientology cured, sorry, mitigated, the son's asthma. so, what exactly are the criticisms ron and nightline have against muskavige and scientology
    the point is this looks and sounds like a two part commercial for scientology. jeez – the worst the producers have come up with is members are working very hard and long hours. how hard hitting could anybody think this is

  22. According to my perception David Miscavidge together with helpers (an attorney, a doctor and others) tormented L. Ron Hubbard to death. They tied him up on his chair, using drugs and forced him to put his signature under altered tech. David Miscavidge wanted to take over the church. According to my perception he was either nominated by L. Ron Hubbard nor did LRH want to be killed by him. I wish truth to be revealed and I wish justice for L. Ron Hubbard and all the people he loves.

  23. Wow all these adults are just playing Dungeons and Dragons. Imagine how many other dumb secret society there are.

  24. Since Ron Miscaige left the church they did a u-turn and said he did commit rape.
    They are a sick, sad and desperate organisation wanting to discredit anyone who speaks out against them.

  25. Isn’t it just a joke that people believe this ‘religion’ that was written by a science fiction writer and calls it Scientology. How one mans dream to get rich quick can be believed as a real religion, a religion that has destroyed so many families, would be laughable if not so sad.

  26. Am I the only one who sees a movie about this story with Christian Bale playing David Miscavige? It’d be like American Psycho only worse because this prick is actually a real fucking person.

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