Scarlett Johansson criticized for support of Woody Allen | ABC News

The actress said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter of the controversial director, “I love Woody … I believe him, and I would work with him anytime.”


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  1. She also injects baby foreskin in her face.
    These people are satanic as fuck, wake up.
    She bumps shoulders with pedophiles all day long and is likely one herself, they are disgusting.

  2. El perfecto ejemplo de como las feminazis destruyen a todos los hombres acusados de abuso sexual exepto a los hombres que son sus AMIGOS…muy típico de las femilocas

  3. She's her own person. She can defend whomever she chooses. #MeToo has given women the right to believe every woman who says they've been touched. Some women need to speak up as soon as the abuse happens. If Woody touched any woman, there will eventually be consequences. Most ppl who support #MeToo seem to be feminists. If you truly are feminists, empower each other with grace, not anger simply because she doesn't believe in what you believe in. The desire so many have to see every supposed wrongdoer be shunned will fall on you if you continue to allow the mainstream media, the schools and angry feminists guilt you into believing EVERYTHING a woman says. Women aren't inherently right but regardless, Scarlett never touched that woman so stop being upset at her about it. Grace, forgiveness and prayer is what we all need bc if you condemn, I promise, eventually condemnation will come on you. That's to all angry feminists, the bias media, the people in the governmental who play on the emotions of a lost and naive America, and everyone else who can't grasp what true diversity means. YOUR TRUTH IS NOT THE TRUTH.

  4. "There are none so blind as those who will not see…"
    Defend him if you must Scarlett but please err on the side of caution… NEVER leave your daughter alone with him. Risking your child's future to prove your faith just isn't worth the risk…

  5. Scarlett needs to read the 1993 NEW YORK SUPREME COURT RULING in the custody case in which Woody Allen was denied custody of his 3 children with Mia Farrow. ( ). Specifically, Justice Elliott Wilk wrote that The Yale New Haven study report was lacking credibility – "the unavailability of the notes, together with their unwillingness to testify at this trial except through deposition."… makes the report "sanitized and therefore less credible". I really feel sad for Dylan and her family! Why don't people do their research before they speak about such a devastating issue!

  6. If Scarlett Johansson believes Woody Allen she has the right to say so! I personally have always thought Woody Allen was a perverted freak and completely over rated in the entertainment industry. Something about him turns my stomach. If he is guilty I hope it can be proven and he will be punished for it.

  7. Here come the predictable "He Married his daughter" shill comments, and zombie thumbs ups. 100% Wrong. However, he did marry his non-live in girlfriend's daughter, who he had an affair with, while Mia had a alleged rekindled affair with Frank SInatra that goes back to when she herself was underage. I only judge judges.

  8. Scarlett Johansson is the real thing. She actually is like those women in those films she stars in.
    She is putting herself on the line by speaking out for Allen, who was tried and convicted in the public eye, based on a wild, made up story.
    A close look at the evidence proves Allen did'nt do it.
    (1) Allan took two polygraphs at the time, when the allegations were made and passed with flying colors.
    (2) Mia Farrow refused to take one.
    (3) Mia Farrow's own step son, Moses Farrow, also was brave enough to speak out. He witnessed what was going on behind the scenes at the time.
    Moses Farrow said that his step mother, Mia Farrow, orchestrated it and the allegation is a lot of nonsense.
    (4) When a pedofile has an alegation made against him, it is not an isolated case.
    (5) Allen has no history of it.
    (6) That tape Dylan Farrow made about the allegations, when she was 7 of the supposed act, was thrown out of court because the tape was edited. Was she coached?

  9. He married his fucking kid you tard. Her bf is also a dummy making snl beyond bad. They can go live in their bubble together till he marries one of her kids.

  10. Yea so it turns out she’s not woke or as cool as she fakes to be. She shouldn’t be playing not only Asians but anyone fighting injustice really what a jerk.


  12. I can only assume that "Innocent until proven guilty" no longer has any meaning in America? Trial by mainstream and social media is not only NOT a substitute for the justice system, its bloody dangerous! "McCarthyism" is alive and kicking in the USA.

  13. Scarlett just cares about her money. N wow shes gt so much. Never enuf fr jerks like her. Children dont lie about being sexually abused! Hope u dnt let yur daughter near him. Oh. Im sure u wont. U liar😣

  14. Syd Lala
    i think shes overrated and not that pretty…now I can add airhead to the list (not just this but she said it shouldn't be a problem if white actors play minorities in movies)

  15. Delusional psychotic Mia Farrows vendetta against Woody Allen – see divorce court proceedings detailed account with child abuse thrown in to permanent eke revenge was repeatedly proven to be little more than well rehearsed lies. Now in the me too witch hunt age we live in sometimes It is necessary to step back and see the facts. Scarlett Johanssen brave stand should be applauded.

  16. He👏 married 👏 his 👏 adopted 👏 daughter 👏 he’s a paedophile, he’s a pervert and those who refuse to believe are just as bad as him. Btw, Scarlett Johansson‘s talent is debatable because talent is subjective to the surveyor …in simple terms for you folks that are dying to defend her: just because you like something doesn’t mean other people have to like it to and doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good

  17. good for her, hopefully this teaches her a lesson. take accusations seriously but don't blindly "believe women". that is a stupid mindless way of thinking and that is ruining as many lives today as the people that are actually committing sexual crimes. not saying it is as evil but it can be just as damaging. Time to wake the fuck up and start using our minds again. Here in America you are innocent until proven guilty and that is how it should be. Believe women is a load of horse shit and takes so much away from those who have actually been victims of horrible assaults.

  18. Of course she would i think she paid to be in his movies and well if ya pals with someone helped your career you may find it hard to believe that they could hurt someone.

  19. does anyone take scarjo seriously? I don't. She needs woody to validate her abilities(comic book movies arent for artists)…look at all his projects. They all cast people that needed validation within the industry.

  20. It is a free country she has the right to support him it is like a wife has the right to believe her spouse if they claim they are innocent of a crime they were accused of

  21. This was news almost 20 years ago, no one blacklisted him then, doesnt seem very fair to do it now just bc it's the latest fad. Continue making money off the guy till late enough in life that it doesnt matter . Stay classy Hollywood.

  22. Dave Chapelle said the me too movement will need the most unlikely allies. With that said… I believe Cosby was a dog but I believe many had buyers remorse. Just my opinion. I believe Jackson was set up. And at the same time I believe R. Kelly beat and manipulated chicks. Case by case. Weinstein didn't seduce anyone…but forced them with threats of ruin. Rose McGowan highjacked the me too movement and then turn on her own friend then found out she was being wrongfully blackmailed…And had to apologize.

    My point is can white women stop! Me too is for ALL people who have been molested! Stop making this your new feminist movement…unless you are protecting ALL children! That's me too. Where are the men in the me too novement… at minimum boys molested by priest!?

    Black women do not support this hijack! People of color will not let a blackballed white woman be the face of what people (not a man or a woman, but both) of sexual abuse have went through. For the first time in your lives follow the message. It's not about you and your white privilege…or what happened while you were trying to seek fame. It's about everyone. The black women abused in the slave trade; the boys from bangcock; the people of africa; the girls swept up in the taliban's war (#bringbackourgirls); the girls raped in turkey; the children of the skin trade; the priest who molested children all over the world; the uncle or father who raped/molested his niece or daughter; the teacher who molested their student; the person in the work place who was bullied for sex by a higher up! It's all of us! And you don't get to jump in the front of the line because ther children matter. We need truth and reconciliation. Not because Chapelle said it because we need a solution, a boundary, a safe place.

    So sit your asses down and know that we are not gon wear pussy hats because you alone need justice. While you have the 'privilege' of being selfish we think about the all. We leave out no man, woman, or child. But we stay silent as you hijack a movement that's bigger than you. Stand alone! Cause when they come for you, we know your fake fight has nothing to do with us…you fake ass ally.
    You did the same thing with voting and here you are again doing the same damn thing.

    The one thing about you guys is you show yourselves to be selfish even a hundred years later. But we are supposed to pick a point in time to trust you! FOH! IS OUR MESSAGE TO YOU!

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