Senate passes measure rebuking Trump's national emergency declaration at border

President Trump is firing back after the Senate overturned his national emergency declaration. Nancy Cordes, CBS News chief Congressional correspondent, joins CBSN to discuss the Senate’s rebuke.


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  1. "Rebuking?" This is crap. The President, as Lincoln exemplifies, is Commander-in-Chief, charged independently of Congress, to use his authority to protect the Union from invasion, an invasion which is objectively going on, on our border with Mexico. So let the Congress, as the Constitution requires, come up with the votes to override the President's legitimate exercise of his executive powers. Or shut the crap up.

  2. Trump is the national emergency- enough of this idiot – Cohen warned anyone following Trump will have the same fate as him the bubble will burst – Impeach this idiot now and do damage control – bail out now and distance yourself while you got time – This guy is a traitor , a con man, a corrupt man a racist and bad for the country – Impeach this idiot enough of his lies – Chipotle Del taco and Taco Bell will pay for your wall – – it's Mueller time – lock this guy up and make America great again – Breaking news Per meeting privately with Tump and Putin – records show – Putin told Trump to destroy America – continue the Chaos your doing a good job trump $$$$$$$$$ wink wink – I got you if they lock you up – you will have the best Suite in Russia – some republicans is under my payroll too no problem – – DOUBLE AGENT 666 – this guy is an Embarrassment – MAGA – My Administration Getting Arrested – Trumps puppet – MAGA -Moscow Agent Governing America – Power and greediness will destroy you

  3. While it's good that 12 Republicans showed some spine in not letting Trump get away with a precedent to taint the principle of "separation of powers," it's also pathetic that only 12 Republicans decided that the Constitution is more valuable than Trump's unnecessary vanity project. Although this was a step in the right direction, when are the majority of Republicans going to stop rolling over to let Trump turn our country into his personal fascist state?

  4. The President needs to allow the military to uphold their oath to protect the country from domestic and foreign terrorists, that includes the democratic party and media who are violating the patriot act and endangering american's lives as well as committing treason against the country and it's people because they have trump derangement syndrome.

  5. Any fool who thinks human trafficking, the opioid crisis, the wealth transfer to illegal aliens, ms13, etc and border security aren't an emergency, needs their head shoved where the sun don't shine.

  6. The wall is a political football, and democrats are trying to stop it. The problem isn't the wall, it's the Democrats. It's going to be very tough to get rid of the democrats, but we need to give it a shot in 2020.. The more democrats that are repurposed, the better our government will function. Of course, we could keep the few democrats left, and enjoy the reduced taxes they offer because we are unemployed, or save a fortune on mortgage payments if we become homeless. That is a given. But if you think living with the homeless in California is a good life, then vote democrat. I can guarantee you that the rich will stay rich, and they will take whatever they can.

  7. Time to drain these traitors from the GOP. I am sure President Trump expected some Republicans to become cowards. Now, good for Trump, he knows who they are. They will be removed soon. Time for Romney to leave and Marco Rubio(dont trust this guy) too. The people want the WALL. Can the VETO be overturned? Doesnt the President have the highest authority??

  8. So Congress knows what a national emergency is but the president doesn't? The N.E. Act gives the power to the president though not congress to decide what a national emergency is. 😂😂😂😂

  9. no surprise here…. TRUMP LOSING & FAILING AGAIN….

    are all you MAGA Cult members "tired of winning yet" ???
    like your Orange Idol promised in his campaign, that you would be – LOL

  10. I still don't understand why the feckless Republicans did not pass funding for the wall when they had the majority. This didn't become an emergency until Democrats were the majority.

  11. (Names of the 12 Republicans that need to be voted out of office for opposing Trump's wall) 1. Susan Collins- Maine  2. Mitt Romney – Utah  3. Rob Portman – Ohio  4. Lisa Murkowski – Alaska  5. Rand Paul – Kentucky 6. Marco Rubio – Florida  7.Jerry Moran – Kansas 8. Pat Toomey Penn. 9. Lamar Alexander – Tennessee 10. Roger Wicker – MS 11. Mike Lee – Utah 12. Roy Blunt – Missouri

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