Shutdown concerns grow as more IRS employees skip work

Plus, federal workers who will miss their second paycheck will now have to pay their dental and vision insurance premiums out of pocket.


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  1. If they call out and can't make it get rid of their ass. Only children dont save their money. I hear about these grown ass adults making twice what i make and they didnt even put any money aside thats pathetic. I make half what they make amd i could pay my bills amd provide for my family for 2 years without employment

  2. This government shutdown is some kind of political scheme. Just my opinion.
    These politicians need to learn to how to make compromises, or have nothing at all. I’m not affected, as far as I can tell, but this has gotten ridiculous.

  3. How long is Pelosi going to keep the people without pay. Pelosi should be arrested for Treason against the country. We the American people want the WALL Nancy!! And you are to blame for the shutdown. You Nancy can end this by giving in to the American people.

  4. Luv it,fuck them irs muthafuckers,hope they enjoy living the same way they create for millions of Americans keeping this country goin and payin their sorry asses for persecuting people that's payin their sorry ass

  5. Flumps goal is to bankrupt the country like he bankrupts himself so that he isnt the only one embarrassed about how much of a loser he is. Yes his ego is that big despite his brain being so small. Yes hes handing the U.S. over to Putin. Yes hes spazing out about a vanity memorium, basting his klan in hate fear and racism.

  6. I highly advise starting and signing petitions in your area to remove, disassemble, and disintegrate the Freemasons and to prevent the Freemasons from attending their meetings. Highly advise search warrants to be served at the Masonic Lodges and the addresses and locations of their members.

  7. The Freemasons are the top of all the organized crime. they use the lottery and slot machines for money laundering and bribery and to exploit gambling addicts. the irs, the f.b.i., the d.e.a, joint military intelligence, the United Nations, and the department of homeland security would be very interested in them. They use corrupt law enforcement as an armoured car to secure the arrival and distribution of incoming shipments of illegal drugs/narcotics. What they fear the most is exposure and threats to their illicit/illegal bankroll. The Masons are the SOURCE and ORIGIN of ALL of the organized terroristic crimes against humanity, harm to the economy, and systematically hostile and destructive actions that occur on a GLOBAL scale!

  8. Zimbabwe was once the most wealthy and prosperous nation in Africa, but then evil black racists murdered all of the innocent white people, and now 99% of blacks in Zimbabwe live in extreme poverty and the government went bankrupt. I guess they have no appreciation for the hundreds of thousands of WHITE MEN who died fighting in the Civil War to free black slaves, or the fact that whites donate more aid to Africa than all other races combined. Go ahead and keep murdering innocent white people; all you're doing is showing the whole world how evil you are and turning the U.S. into a third-world shit-hole. It's also hilarious how black African men scream that white people don't belong in Africa, but then those same black hypocrites immigrate to Europe to get better jobs working for white owned businesses and try to marry white women. HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!iejxbx


  10. Soo what you’re saying is there isn’t someone at the IRS checking how much I’m spending or receiving?? Best vote of my life. Wish the Government shut down could last forever. Sadly all good things come to an end eventually.

  11. I don't get my taxes on time there will be a backlash. We all work hard all year long. And depend on them tax returns. These idiots better figure something out

  12. At what point does the American people Are mad as hell and don’t take it anymore?
    Wake the fuck up people stop being scared fight for ya right pussies.

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