Soybean farmer on how tariffs have impacted him

The Trump administration issued a new round of tariffs on Chinese goods on Tuesday, as the U.S. trade war with China intensifies. Chris Gibbs, a soybean farmer from Ohio who voted President Trump in 2016, joins CBSN to discuss why he is now critical of President Trump’s tariff policies.


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  1. It is more than terriffs. Democrats and globalist want to make this a socialist country to get all of our money. Look at the Mansions they have the Globalist have no intension of redistributing that money once they get thier hands on it. They have three mansions a piece and had the last 16 years to redistribute wealth. Instead they hoarded it for themselves Remember the Nazi's were socialist party they nearly starved to death. North Korea is a socialist party they nearly starved to death. Venesula is a socialist party they are fleeing Venesula , Just like they are fleeing California, Washington state, New York, and every other democratic City because people can't afford to live there. Where will we live if the democrats win. No body will have any money or food to give you. And panhandlers will get nothing because the Socialist Government will have it all and, it will be the fault of every democratic voter. So when we have nothing to give you blame yourselves.

  2. Trump, is divorced from reality; he will give $716 billions for defense,and he gives the shaft to farmers.
    Well, is sad the farmers were deceived and voted for Trump.

  3. MR President Trump doing very good actually China Eat the USA as Termite so Mr President Trump take away that Termite from our country so Make America great again it's good 👍

  4. You should sell soybeans at future prices, but don’t sell more than you will produce. Farming is a big gamble. I think more so now than in years before. What if Argentina has a bad year? There is a farmer retirement auction almost every day. Not sure if it is retirement or bankruptcy. 2 bad years in a row is a sure way toward bankruptcy. A 500-600 HP 4 wheel drive is $500,000.00. Plus tillage implements, combines, trucks grain bins, diesel fuel! It never ends! The family farm is just about finished. This is not a problem I can solve, too difficult.

  5. Too late, move over US. Hello Brazil. By the time this is over
    Brazil will have taken a large percentage of the soybean market that will
    never be recovered. Brazil is part of BRICS and Trump's trade war with China is an early Christmas present.

  6. I am so happy that Trump is hurting the same idiots who voted him in as potus. You all are winning so much- debt that is‼ Don't feel sorry for you idiots not even a lil bit and neither should no-one else‼

  7. Farmers ONLY know centrally planned, socialist stabilized, farming yet they vote as if they are pure capitalists. Take a hike – no more welfare for farmers.

  8. Well. That’s what happens when you buy into Dump’s election BS. Should have asked yourself, “ Now how is he going to do that?” when he was making all those promises and accusations. You swallowed it hook line and sinker without asking for his viable plan to keep those promises. He has now resorted to giving you a useless handout on the taxpayers dime. How is he going to get back the market share without subsidies? What’s is his detail plan for this in the long term? Sadly, it’s going to hurt all of us in the long run.

  9. The US Farmers are fearful they may lose their future markets. China, cant wait, will place their orders elsewhere

  10. So does that finally mean the traitor farmers who are growing NON AMERICAN crops arnt getting AMERICAN tax payer 12 bill and just selling to euro trash the beans? THEY BETTER NOT BE GETTING THE TAXPAYERS 12BILL WHILE SELLING TO EURO TRASH

  11. China has been stealing American jobs and technology for many years. All in all, China steals $1 trillion each year from America. It's time for us to bring China to justice. Imposing high tariffs on Chinese imports is the right thing to do. We might lose some from beginning, but we will gain a lot later. Let's set aside our differences and come together to support Trump in doing the right thing. Eventually, it's for our country and for us all.

  12. Wow Con Trarian get your facts rather than spout garbage. You need to have some knowledge for people other than your like thinkers. If you knew anything you would know that a lot of businesses will do bankruptcies to either keep what they've got or relinquish what they've got depending on their needs at the moment. And the banks he used probably had the best deal (Art of the Deal) remember? If your not looking out for your business and who wants to help you better it and be a win win for all then you'll usually fail. You could never be in a room full of business people without sounding like that Ocasio-Cortes Democrat.

  13. Trade is win win. Tariffs hurts everyone. This farmer is correct. 20% reduction in price wipes out the profits not only for his farm but for all farmers relying on soybean exports. Much respect for farmers that do not want handouts but to make a honest living doing what they love.

  14. Come on man,you driving new tractors,new pickups,have all kind of new equipment ,and you bitching,man you know how farming is.Markets down one year up the next, I farmed know what I'm talking about.

  15. And the bad part is that… It will only get worst. If China is buying from Brasil now and/or is investing in any other country in order to get them to produce soy beans for them maybe in a cheaper way), it wont be easy to get China as a customer back. Once, I was along time customers (years) of this barbershop until one day they did not want to give me service because it was 15 minutes before closing. The next day I went to this other salon where they took me in and out right away. Faster and cheaper. I never went back to the barbershop… why would I?. Losing a single customer is not good for any business. Some of these farmers are still supporting that idea…go figure.

  16. This guy Chris Gibs make a very measured and intelligent argument. Farmers just want to feed their families, they are patriots but politics don't pay the bills. It almost feels like chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or winning lotto.

  17. We tried to tell them but instead of listening they yielded to empty promises and their hate for Clinton. Now they can suffer for their choices.

  18. He compared his 20% loss to that of someone who makes 40,000 a year, but he’s a soybean farmer not a farm worker, he still makes over 80,000 a year after the 20% loss, and that’s on the low end of the scale, where larger farms are profiting over 500,000 after the 20% loss. And nobody is telling them that they cannot grow a different crop. The point I am making is if you are making $80,000 a year you don’t need subsidies from the government like you would if you were a fireman only making $32,000 a year.

  19. China is ripping off US technologies. Some wealthy commodity farmer complaining about their problems is not my concern.

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