SPECIAL REPORT: Active shooter at YouTube's California headquarters

Police are responding to an active shooter at the YouTube headquarters in California’s Bay Area, authorities say, cautioning people to stay away.


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  1. nothing like being escorted out of a building by a guy holding an ar 15 rifle after your workplace was just shot up and your told to keep hands over head lol……. stupid garbage propaganda to condition you.

  2. She became provoked by the casualness with which youtube censors. I saw them wipe out hundreds of hours of work on the pretense it violated their guidelines. At the same time there were many uncountable other pieces of writing by others that not only violated their guidelines, but also the laws of every state in the union. Then they went back and said they had made a mistake, and the writer had not violated. In the mean time the other criminal statements by others were and are still on youtube. How much of that kind of cavalier abusiveness will people endure before action is taken? Here is one answer to that question.

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