Suspect identified in deadly Garlic Festival shooting l ABCNews

Authorities are investigating social media posts made by the suspected gunman, Santino William Legan, 19, in an effort to determine a motive in the attack.

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  1. The sad 😥 part about all this? This will happen again, and again, because of all the copycats out there? The deivil 👺 is behind all this crap!!

  2. I feel for their families I was crying when I seen the video I’m a mother to and I thought about my kids. R.I.P to the 3 people who was killed.

  3. That is trump new nazi era we R GOING BACK TO see racist hate
    Killing if this keep doing we the latinos we have to star fighting
    Back .the hate y killing of racists
    N nazis that means all the nazis n

  4. Wait CA has the most strictest gun laws in the country today.and did any of the laws work Democrats.this gose to show u its not a gun problem, it's a white supremacist problem

  5. The "grace of God" has nothing to do with it. LUCK has everything to do with it. Everyone tries so hard to give special meaning to someone's survival by using religious excuses.

  6. cross breeding gone wrong. he is MEXICIAN cross breed. that why he want to kill CHILDERN only.. the CHILDERN molester came out on his man side. what his name Santigo that so white pride…there a army of these scrumbag at Alcon lab in Houston.

  7. All Mexicans or ppl that look Mexican need to start wearing bulletproof clothing. I am scared that we even have to protect 6 year old children from white supremacists and the trump administration. America should feel ashamed.

  8. why does the media keep mentioning white supremacist!?! push agenda much!?! i dont buy that bullshit they found racist stuff on his computer! they are lying to push this agenda! none of us will ever really know!

  9. Suspects for Garlic Festival Shootings are Commited by ISIS Fugitive Swine pigs Kamala Harris,Premila Jayapal aka(Angela Hernandez,Monica Elfriede Wiit Alias(Lisa Page),Bou Kantaphone Alias(Barbeque Becky Jennifer Shultz).

    Tract down their Gun,Child,Sex,Fentanyl,Meth,Cannibis Trafficking In CA.,they used for ISIS Terrorism.

    They are Suspects for Paradise,CA.,Burnings.

  10. Everyone here calling him a terrorist now because if his half Iranian decent. He's hasn't expressed any Islamic motives, he was obviously driven by white nationalism and dint forget to mention his Italian side of the family. Idk about you, but I've never met a muslim named santino legan (he grew up Italian american)

  11. No doubt they have to change. Is impossible to live a regular life if one can shoot any time he want!
    Leave civilians free of weapons now!

  12. "All I heard was bahrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"….. So was that a machine gun or was that all in your head?

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